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The minor update to Shopware 5.2 is as easy as all the other Shopware updates, but notice', that much changes were made in Shopware, wherefore you have to take case of some things! You should equally make a backup of your server before updating the shop, so you can recover teh data when problems appear. You should also test the update in a copied test environment to take care, that the update works fine.

Before updating

System requirements

With Shopware 5.2 the system requirement for the PHP version is raised to PHP 5.6.4 or higher, please kepp this in mind, because updateing without this requirement will cause problems.

We recommend the update via Auto-Update Assist in the backend, because the assist will check the requirements before updating.

The update to Shopware 5.2.0 requires Shopware in version 5.0.0 or higher. Updating from Shopware 4 is not supported anymore!

Deleting the Emotion Template

As announced the Emotion Template will be deleted with Shopware 5.2, also at updating! So take care, that you don't use the Emotion Template or a template which is based on the Emotion Template, because all Emotion Templates will be deleted from your server and your shop won't work! Since Shopware 5.2.0 only themes based on te Bare / Responsive Theme can be used.

Plugin compatibility

Before updating, take care that al of your installed and deinstalled plugins are up-to-date and compatible with Shopware 5.2, otherwise your shop may have problems and recover from your backup. If your plugins are compatible, you can check out in our Community Store or in the Auto-Updater in the backend, which also checks the compatibility.

Deprecated functions

Many functions, which were depricated in the past were now deleted. If you use individual adaptions which are based on those deprecated functions, they won't work after the update!


To let old orders invokable the payment method debit is still contained in Shopware 5.2, through switching to SEPA this payment method will not work in Shopware 5.2.

Update process

In our documentation we describe 2 ways to update manually, in the article Update Shopware you'll get further informations.

After updating Shopware you have to search again for plugin updates and install them, because Shopware 5.2 needs updated versions of some plugins.

Digital Publishing & Storytelling

To use Digital Publishing and storytelling also in Shopware 5.2, you have to update these plugins, otherwise you won't be able to use your shopping worlds.

Custom Products & Shopping Advisor

Both premium plugins are available as new Plugins in the Store. If you own a Plugin Subscription (or Sortware Sunscription) for the old plugin version, the licensing process will automatically happen in the background. After this, you can simply download the plugins in the plugin manager in "My purchases".

Further changes


Subshops are now a core functionality and can now also be used in Community Editon environments for free.

After updating to Shopware 5.2 you can delete the Multishop plugin and terminate your Subshop rental license(s)

Optimised shopping worlds

You'll find all the detailled informations in the Shopware documentation here.

Free text field management

The Free text field management replaces the previous attributes function and will be described in detail here: Free Text field management

Address management

The new address management is a new feature for your customers, which allows them to manage their own addressbook, create and manage addresses and define deviant shipping addresses. You'll get further informations about this feature in the Address management Wiki article.

Open Source

From Shopware 5.2 all Shopware Premium Plugins are Open Source and there is no need anymore for the License Manager plugin or ionCube.

Third-party plugins can still be encrypted.
Please check your plugins before deactivating ionCube and deleting the License Manager plugin!

Shopware ERP powered by Pickware

As of version 5.2, the merchandise management Pickware is included free of charge in Shopware PE and PE+. With Pickware, an inventory management system is integrated directly into the Shopware backend - including ordering, supplier management, inventory management, and much more. More information can be found in the Pickware documentation.

Adjustment of the purchase price

With Shopware 5.2, the purchase price goes directly into the master data of the article and no longer offers the possibility of being maintained on a scale basis.

Shopware and PHP7

If you are interested in Shopware and PHP7, you can check out this article.


Shopware 5.2 general information
Can I use Shopware under PHP7 with encrypted plugins?Shopware products do not require ionCube, but if you’d like to use encrypted third-party plugins, you will need to install the ionCube Loader.
Where can I find more information about the update?You can find details of the update here:

Upgrade Guide for Shopware 5.2 developers
Is there developer documentation for Shopware 5.2 regarding the new plugin system?Yes, developer documentation can be found in the developer area.
When will it be possible to update to 5.2 using the Auto Updater?The Auto Update function is now set up for Shopware 5.2.1 – all information about 5.2.1 and the changelog can be found here.
Why were themes/plugins released for 5.2 but not 5.2.1?Theme/plugin manufacturers are responsible for the compatibility of their work with the latest Shopware release. The respective manufacturer can choose whether or not they would like to offer compatibility for bugfix releases. Compatibility is therefore not controlled by Shopware.
Can you undo an update or is it only possible to do a new installation?With every update, you are provided with a backup of your system. If you encounter any problems after the update, this backup should be restored. Downgrading to a previous Shopware version usually requires a great deal of effort.
ionCube encryption
Shopware does not encrypt its plugins using ionCube. Do I also need to offer the open source version of my plugins?We do not force open source on any plugin developer – ionCube encryption remains available to you if you wish to use it.
Since the checkLicense function in the bootstrap is freely accessible, how do you prevent the shop operator from using test versions for as long as they wish?Anyone who continues to use a plugin after the test phase has expired will be clearly notified of this fact in the backend. In addition, the operator is repeatedly reminded that they are not entitled to continue using this version. Should someone continue to actively use the plugin, this would be a breach of our general terms and conditions, which means they are breaking the law. Shopware reserves the right to take legal action in such cases.
Why should I offer my plugins as open source?We see the unencrypting our Premium plugins as an opportunity - for us and for all plugin developers – to do so as well. For many shop operators, an open source plugin is much more attractive than an encrypted one. This is due to the fact that plugin maintenance is much easier, as is extending the plugins to meet specific demands. Shopware itself has had fantastic experiences with the open source strategy. Therefore, we are convinced that the more we open we become, the more successful we will be together with our community.
How can I tell whether third-party plugins are encrypted and not compatible with PHP7?Unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible to see this in the store. In the near future, you will be able to see on the detail page whether or not a plugin is encrypted. However, as a general rule of thumb, encrypted plugins offered with Shopware 5.2 are compatible with PHP7 – to encode plugins, we use ionCube, which is backwards compatible with PH5.6.
With Shopware 5.2, can I use ionCube with PHP7?That’s fine. You can find further information here.
Will all Shopware plugins be unencrypted or only the Premium Plugins?Every plugin that is manufactured by Shopware and compatible with Shopware 5.2 will be open source and thus made available unencrypted, regardless if they were encrypted in the past.
Shopware ERP - powered by Pickware
How do I get support?Support is offered directly through the Shopware Account. We provide first level support and forward inquiries to Pickware when necessary.
Is there an area in the Shopware Forum?Yes, there is an area called "Shopware ERP powered by Pickware".
How can I use the Shopware ERP?You need Shopware 5.2 – the ERP is licensed as an Advanced Feature for commercial customers. It can then be loaded in the Plugin Manager through "My purchases".
As a customer of the Community Edition, can I continue to rent the Pickware module when I want to upgrade to Shopware 5.2, or do I have to purchase a the Professional or Professional Plus Edition?The Advanced Feature “Shopware ERP powered by Pickware” is independent from the previous Pickware module and is available exclusively for commercial Shopware editions. Those who previously rented a version through the Community Store will continue to get updates from our partner agency Viison, but this module will only be available for a transitional period and not made compatible with Shopware 5.2.

Customers that want to continue using the previous Pickware module in combination with a Community Edition (CE) have no possibility of upgrading to Shopware 5.2. Using the Shopware ERP powered by Pickware is only in combination with the use of the Professional Edition (PE) or Professional Plus Edition (PE+).
Can the Advanced Feature “Shopware ERP powered by Pickware” be easily installed or do I need a license number?The Advanced Feature “Shopware ERP powered by Pickware” does not require a license number. It is already integrated into the core of the Professional and Professional Plus Editions.
If I am currently renting the Pickware plugin and would like to upgrade to Shopware 5.2 using a Professional Edition, do I have to delete the old plugin in order to install the new? In this case, will all of my existing data be deleted?According to Pickware, all customers have already been informed of the changes and subsequent procedures. Customers need to upgrade to the Professional Edition and switch over to the new plugin – ideally, after installing the new plugin, the old plugin should be removed. All existing data should be preserved during this process.

For more information regarding data transfer, you may get in contact with Pickware directly as a part of your maintenance contract.
I've already purchased several subshops, so why are they now free of charge?We are continually developing Shopware to meet the needs of the market, which is why the price of some functions has either fallen or are now included for free in more recent versions.
I am currently renting subshops – do rental costs stop automatically as soon as I update to 5.2?No, you must proactively cancel rental yourself.

Please see section subshops in the Update Guide above.

As of Shopware 5.2, subshop compatibility is a key component of Shopware and therefore all functions in the Community Edition are also free of charge for everyone.

Note: After updating to Shopware 5.2, you can remove the MultiShop plugin and cancel any existing subshop rental licences.
What happens with the subshop plugin after the release of 5.2 – will it continue to be offered for older versions?Yes, the plugin will continue to be offered for Shopware versions < 5.2.
Do my settings remain after I remove the MultiShop plugin and cancel my subshop rental licenses?Yes, all settings remain unaffected.
Do I need to remove the subshop plugin with 5.2?Yes, to ensure there are no side effects, the plugin must be removed.
Can new subshops be created following the same process as before?It’s now much easier to create subshops because they are a part of Shopware’s standard functionality. Simply select a language shop or subshop in the pulldown menu and enter the desired domain. Any number of domains and shops can be created.
Custom Products
I'm already using Custom Products - can I simply update it to the latest version?No, a direct update is not possible. The new Custom Products is a completely new plugin with a different source code basis that can be easily installed. When the new plugin recognizes the old plugin on the system, there is an option for migrating the old data to the new module. Following successful migration, the old plugin can be uninstalled. The migration step can be repeated as often as necessary provided the old plugin is still present in the system.
How can I get the new Custom Products if I already use the previous versions and now want to update to Shopware 5.2? Is a completely new purchase necessary?That completely depends on your Subscription (maintenance contract) – all customers who have an active maintenance contract automatically get the new Custom Products plugin relicensed. The new Custom Products must then be installed in parallel with the update to Shopware 5.2. The data can be migrated according to the compatibility with the old Custom Products. If you don’t have an active Subscription or valid maintenance contract, you have to rent or purchase a new Custom Products license.
Shopping Advisor
Can I update the advisor to ShoppingAdvisor and transfer existing settings?No, because this is an entirely new development based on product streams, which makes maintenance much easier. Advisors must be created in the new backend module.
Premium Plugins from Shopware
Where can I view the source code?Our own plugins are open source. In other words, during installation via the Plugin Manager, the plugin is located on the server in unencrypted form. Alternatively, the plugin can be downloaded from your Shopware Account, where you can view the packed ZIP. All of the files it contains are of course unencrypted.
Are all Premium Plugins and Advanced Features already open source?All Premium Plugins have already been converted and are open source. The advanced features are also already open source and therefore compatible with Shopware 5.2.
Will the option of renting Premium plugins still exist after 5.2? Can rented plugins continue to be used and updated after cancellation?Premium plugins can continue to be rented. After the rental period has expired, the user must uninstall the plugin. Each time they log in they will see a window with a message. Plugins cannot be updated if their rental period has expired.
Is it possible to transfer a plugin which has been purchased?Theoretically this is possible, but the shop operator gets a message in the backend. The plugins are still licensed and available in the Shopware Account. So if a plugin is illegally copied / transferred, this is considered a criminal breach of our terms and conditions. The Plugin Manager and Shopware backend can check all connected shops. The system also performs this automatic check to inform you of any possible updates.
The Shopware DHL Plugin is not compatible; therefore, I can't update to 5.2. When will the update be ready?For a major release such as Shopware 5.2, temporary incompatibilities with some plugins arise. For the DHL plugin we are already working on a solution that will be made available in the near future.

Tips & tricks

Using your own maintenance page

Alternatively to the default maintenance page you can use your own by creating a maintenance.html in the Showpare main directory. Shopware will automatically use this page instead of the default one.

Migrating item free text field translations

With updating to 5.2.13 or higher your old item free text field translations will be migrated automatically until 100,000 entries. If you have more entries, you have to migrate them manually by using the shell command sw:migrate:article:attribute:translations. Further informations can be found here: Shopware 5 CLI commands

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