Update Guide Shopware 5.1


The minor update from Shopware 5.0 to Shopware 5.1 is as easy as any other update and works the same way. Please note, however, that many changes have been made. Therefore the update should be tested before on a test system. In addition, a backup should be created in order to be able to import it in case of problems.

System requirements

The system requirements have not changed to Shopware 5.1. However, Shopware 5.1 will be the latest version to support PHP 5.4. PHP 5.5+ will be required for the next minor releases.

However, we strongly recommend using the AutoUpdate Wizard to perform the update, as it also offers a system check. An update to Shopware 5.1 is offered from version 4.3.5/4.3.6 in the Shopware backend.

Update process

here are several ways to update to the new Shopware version. In our release article two ways are described, how you can carry out the update manually. This update can be done from Shopware version 4.2.x on.

The installed plugins must be available in a SW5-compatible version. Never update with incompatible SW5 plugins. If incompatible SW5 plugins are installed (no matter if they are deactivated or not), these plugins must be completely uninstalled before the update. Otherwise the backend or the plugin manager will not be available after the update to SW5. In this case a backup has to be restored and the update has to be repeated. Check the plugins for SW5 compatibility in advance for security in our store.

In our Wiki articles about Update/Update Shopware and Debug Shopware Updates you will find further information about the update process.

Important Information

PHP 7 Compatibility

In November 2015 the next major version PHP 7 will be released and Shopware 5.1 brings the necessary compatibility changes. We therefore recommend to update to the final version of PHP 7 as soon as the used software components (Shopware plugins, IonCube loader, 3rd party libraries) are also compatible with PHP 7, as a significant increase in performance compared to PHP 5 can be recorded. We strongly recommend that you validate this on a test system before updating.

AJAX variants

In Shopware 5.1, variants are now reloaded on the article detail page without a complete page reload. This leads to a much better usability of your shop, especially on tablets and smartphones. If there should be problems with plugins you use, you can disable this function comfortably via the theme settings. By default, this feature is enabled.

Please check after the update whether variant articles function correctly and can be put into the shopping cart. If you encounter problems here, this indicates that the template has been completely overwritten at this point or has been extended incorrectly. In this case you should deactivate the function as described above in the theme settings.

Media Service

Shopware 5.1 includes a new media service which allows you to use large amounts of files and images in your shop. For this the pictures are distributed in further subfolders in Shopware. If you are using nginx as your web server, you will need to update your nginx configuration to prevent problems with media. An updated configuration can be found here.

Import / Export Module

Since the old import/export module is completely removed with Shopware 5.2, it is recommended to use the new import/export module as an advanced feature. Here you can find the link to the store.

Shopware 5.1 prepares an ElasticSearch integration with which Shopware scales also with very large article quantities still very well. For smaller quantities < 50.000 it is not recommended to use ElasticSearch. Support is given only with an Enterprise version.


With Shopware 5.1 a lot of basic settings can be translated. In addition, the snippets for payment and order status can now also be translated. In addition, categories can now be duplicated. The translation window also selects the first possible language to translate directly.

Further changes

Product Streams

  • Create listings with your own filters
  • Creating Article Sliders in Shopping Worlds with your Product Stream
  • Creation of streams as accessory sliders on the detail page (cross-selling)

Digital Publishing

  • Creation of banners with Responsive Text
  • Banners can be translated
  • Advanced Feature

Usability changes Article module

  • The property assignment is now in a new tab and has been completely renewed.
  • Cross-selling has also been moved to a new tab title
  • Article translations have been improved
  • The sidebar "Article Options" has been completely removed.

Media Manager

  • "Papierkorb" bin - unused media from the article album are collected in a bin
  • Cronjob for the identification of unused media.
  • The bin can also be filled via console: sw:media:cleanup.


  • The search can now be changed, so that the search becomes more precise with several search terms.

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