Update Guide Shopware 5.3

Before updating

Same procedure as every update: update your installed plugins and make a backup of your environment! Familiarise yourself with the most important changes and the section "What will break". This way you can delete deprecated stuff and directly use new functions.

Plugin compatibility - IMPORTANT

Before updating, make sure that all of your installed plugins are up-to-date and compatible with the new Shopware version. Otherwise your shop may encounter problems during the update and you might have to recover it from your backup. Whether your plugins are compatible or not can be checked in our Community Store or in your Shopware Account in the Licenses section.

All of your installed plugins have to be up-to-date and must be compatible with the actual version of Shopware 5.3! This rule applies regardless whether plugins are active or not!

Note about the Shopware Premium-Plugins CustomProductsV2, Shopping Advisor and Einkaufswelten Advanced

The Premium-Plugins CustomProductsV2 (1), Shopping Advisor (2) and Einkaufswelten Advanced (3) will be marked by the Autoupdater as „not compatible“.

You can however safely update in spite of the warning. But you will have to update the plugins immediately after the update to SW5.3.

These three plugins are not available in versions that are compatible with all three of the latest Shopware versions (SW5.3, SW5.2 and SW5.1) You have to update these three premium plugins in an instance of SW5.2/1 to the current versions. You were successful if no more updates are offered in the plugin-manager. After you have completed the procedure you can ignore the compatibility notes on plugins given by the autoupdater.

This note applies exclusively to these three premium plugins. Other plugins, which are not compatible with SW5.3, have to be completely removed before running the update.

Important changes

Partial-SSL-Mode deprecated

The partial SSL mode (SSL active, but "use always SSL" deactivated), which encrypts only security relevant areas like the account and checkout, will be deprecated for now and are scheduled to be removed in Shopware 5.4.0. So in Shopware 5.4.0 SSL can only be set globally. After updating with activated partial SSL mode you will be migrated to the global SSL mode, which means, that all URLs will be encrypted using https.

Google will rate this change as a complete new URL, so Google will remove your existing URLs from the index! So make sure, that you forward your old unencrypted URLs to the new encrypted ones using 301! If you need help, please contact your SEO agency.

If you haven't already, we recommend you carry out these changes now! Firstly the Update might improve your Google ranking and secondly prepare for big changes to take their time. So you should take your time, too and start updating now to have a look at our wiki article on how to forward traffic to https.

Shopware Login Token

The Shopware Login Token (SLT) is a cookie which enables you to recognise your customers and is required for using customer streams and the "My Account"-Menu. After updating your shop, this function is disabled by default. You can find even more information in the specific SLT article Shopware Login Token.

Customer Streams

With customer streams it is possible to cluster customers utilizing individual filters, just like it is possible via the above mentioned product streams. You can use these groups of customers to display deviant and personalised content like shopping worlds, vouchers, newsletter or promotions. Find more information here.

My Account menu

The My Account menu will be automatically activated alongside of the SLT cookie. When this function is active, your customers will be greeted by their names and clicking the My Account button will open the account menu. Clicking any menu item, prompts the customer to sign into the service in order to access his account details. For more information, take a look at the article Shopware Login Token above.

Shopping world presets

With Shopware 5.3 it is possible to save existing shopping worlds as presets. This enables you to export your shopping worlds into other shops. More information on this will be available here soon.

New filters

In Shopware 5.3 you can add your own listing filters, opening up numerous possibilities. More information can be found at Individual filter & sortings.

Buy from the listing / QuickView

From now on it is possible to buy items directly from the listing or the QuickView. How that works, will be described here.

Shopware now provides a cookie notice in the core product, which will integrate perfectly into the responsive theme. Right after updating your shop, this function is disabled in order to help you keep your current solution running. The cookie permission plugin is not compatible to SW5.3 and has to be removed completely via the Plugin-Manager before updating to SW5.3.

The new cookie alert function can be activated in the backend at Configuration > Basic Settings > Frontend > Cookie hint.

Load JavaScript asynchronously

Due to continuous performance improvements JavaScript can now be loaded asynchronously. We will provide you with a detailed description soon.

Plugin Safe mode

The new safe mode deactivates all third party plugins. This should help with debugging and getting a grip on any kind of problems you might encounter. Read further: here

VARCHAR attributes change to TEXT

All your text boxes formatted in VARCHAR will be changed to the TEXT format due to the maximum string length of 255 characters which might cause problems in the future. Note that TEXT fields do not support default values by design. If you have set any VARCHAR default values, these will be lost.

Further alterations

  • Media exchange: Via the media manager you can now replace existing media: See here for details.
  • Shopping world performance: Shopping worlds now get by using fewer database queries and will be delivered to the frontend at once.
  • Shopping world preview: The preview of shopping worlds is now a real preview, it will not be saved anymore.
  • Delete orphaned thumbnails: Using the shell command sw:thumbnail:cleanup you are now able to check the whole shopware filesystem for orphaned thumbnails and delete them.
  • CAPTCHA refactoring: CAPTCHA methods were expanded and can now also be used at the registration and the newsletter subscription. Check here for further information.
  • Attribute types VARCHAR will change: Attributes saved in the VARCHAR format will be changed to TEXT in order to bypass existing restrictions.
  • Signing the cart: To protect the cart from manipulation it is now secured by a digital signature.
  • Item reviews: Item reviews can now be restricted to their respective subshops, in order to maintain a thorough separation.
  • Infinite scrolling on search result listing: Inifinte scrolling is now available for the search result listing.
  • Multiple item slider in shopping worlds: If multiple item sliders are used in a single shopping world, they will now be able to show different items instead of the same items over and over again.
  • Media manager: The media manager now remembers each user's display settings permanently.
  • Free text field management: Labels, help- and support texts are now translatable into different backend languages.
  • Library updates: The following libraries were updated: jQuery, Grunt, grunt-contrib-clean, grunt-contrib-copy, FPDF, FPDI

What will break?

  • Old Import/Export module removed: The discontinued import/export module is now removed from the software completely. It will be replaced by the Import/Export Advanced module.
  • Own shipping cost calculation: If you use own shipping cost calculation, you may have to adjust it as shown here: "userID" is replaced by "user_id", "countryID" is replaced by "country_id" and "stateID" is replaced by "state_id".
  • Delivery tracking: Inside Smarty executable code now is blocked, so you have to link your tracking codes without code execution: https://gls-group.eu/DE/de/paketverfolgung?match={$offerPosition.trackingcode}.
  • SEO: _escaped_fragment_ was removed from shopping worlds.
  • Deprecations: Old database tables: s_user_billingaddress, s_user_shippingaddress and s_core_engine_elements now are deprecated.
  • Browser compatibility: Internet Explorer < 11 is not supported anymore. Every styling is removed.

After updating

Adjust the version number of your current shopware iteration in your shopware account so that we are able to offer the correct plugins to you.

After updating, check your plugin manager for plugin updates. Now that you have a new Shopware version the plugin manager may present you with such. The updated shop will most likely not work correctly if you did not update your plugins accordingly.

Information for developers

If you are a developer you can take a look at our developer upgrade guide at: Shopware Developers - Upgrade Guide.


I always get an Error 500 - what can I do?

This error message is very generic and doesn't tell you anything about the actual problem at hand; What you can take away from it is, that something has gone wrong. To identify the underlying problem, try and gather more information by following the steps described here.

I see the following error message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template "/home/xxx/www.xxx.de/themes/Frontend/xxx/frontend/index/index.tpl" on line 9 ""; unknown tag "s"

This error message is often caused by an incompatible plugin in Shopware 5.3 or a template modification that is incompatible with the smarty security mode we introduced in Shopware 5.3. Try to gather more information by following the steps described here. If the above mentioned methods fail, try and deactivate one plugin after the other in order to find the one that caused the errror. To prevent errors like this from happening, please ensure that all installed plugins have been marked as compatible in the community store.

I see the following error message: There is no suitable CSPRNG installed on your system

We updated some external code libraries that our software depends upon in the deployment of Shopware 5.3. One of those is a compatibility library that allows the use of PHP7+ functionalities with PHP5. Although the alteration in that library only affects a small number of systems negatively, it is most likely responsible for this error.

If you are among the affected users, try the following:

  • Update your system to PHP7+
  • Allow PHP access to /dev/urandom

More information about the error can be found here. If you have further questions, your hosting provider will surely be able to assist you.

Some banners are missing from my shopping worlds after updating

To optimize the performance and network footprint of shopping worlds, banners are displayed using thumbnails that fit the correct dimensions of the user's device. For this to work though, thumbnails need to be generated and available first.

This functionality is normally handled automatically by Shopware, but if you are affected by this error, you might want to check if the correct thumbnail sizes have been set in the media manager. You may need to generate thumbnails anew after configuring the thumbnail sizes.

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