Import / Export: Frequently asked questions and errors

In this wiki article we will describe some questions and errors that occur more often in the import/export advanced module. Specific hints and tutorials for the different profile types you find in the additional docs articles for every profile type.


Why should I no longer use the old default import/export module?

The old import/export module was done for the Shopware 4 data structure. 
It had not been developed for quite a while and has not included the recent changes for customers, orders, addresses and items in this time. 
We can not give you a guarantee the module is working correctly and properly.

I am missing an information in the profile XY

Of course we always try to offer all useful information in the profiles. 
If you are still missing any information you can always send us an improvement request in our Issue-Tracker
Please mind if the information would be useful for a larger number of customers.

What does my file have to look like?

You do not know how your file and its structure should look for your import? Try to create one dataset in the backend just like you want your elements to be later, like this you can not miss any mandatory fields. Afterwards you export one of the default profiles from one of the additional wiki articles for the profile type. In this export file you see your created dataset just like it has to be and can create further datasets in this file depending on the existing structure.

Note: Not every exported file can be imported without changes. If you are missing mandatory fields the import can not be done!

Which profile type do I choose?

For this you should always follow the rule to choose the profile with the least additional information. If you want to import prices or stock for example you should choose the profile type articles prices or articles instock with the examples default_article_prices/default_article_in_stock. When you choose a different default profile type with more information included like articles you have a lot of unnecessary information in the profile which might lead to an error or not wanted behaviours in the import process. You could also create your own profile that only includes the important columns for your import, e.g. choose the base profile articles_default and delete all additional fields but the mandatory fields and the datasets price/instock. The less information you have in your profile and your file the less connections and areas you have to keep in mind.


Article XXXXX requires a name or id for property value

If an item has gotten a property-set you have to give the values for propertyGroupName and propertyValueName for profiles that include those columns. The values may not be empty.

Mainnumber for article XXXXXX required

The column mainnumber is required for every item but is not filled for the given item in your file. Every item need entries for the columns ordernumber and mainnumber. For non variant items the mainnumber is the same as the ordernumber, for variant items the mainnumber is the ordernumber of the main item.

Variant/Article with the number XXXX can not be found

In the variant import the main item has not been found. Possible cause would be that the variants (ordernumber) can not be connected to a valid main item (mainnumber)

Correct example:

ordernumber	mainnumber	
SW100231.1	SW100231.1	
SW100231.2	SW100231.1	
SW100231.3	SW100231.1	

Unable to install, got exception: An exception occurred while executing ' INSERT IGNORE INTO [...] Unknown column 'XXXX' in 'field list'

This means a column is missing in the database structure. In the error message you normally find the table after an INTO and the column at the end after "Unknown column". This column either should be created manually or completely reinstall the plugin.

Errors: Could not load image http://www....

The images you are trying to import can not be opened/found in the given link. Please check the link to the image-file and correct it. Often there also is a htaccess authentication that blocks the request for the image, the htaccess has to be deactivated for the import in that case.

Password and encoder must be given for the e-mail XXXXX

Every customer dataset has to have a password and encoder. Please check the dataset of the given e-mail and set values data for password and encoder.

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