Import / Export: Customers

When importing customers you have to mind that you can only add or edit customers. It is not possible to delete customers by using an import.

General information

Before an import to the live-system is done, you should create a database backup. In any case the import should be tested in a test- or staging-system.

Basic customers

Please mind that, if you include the shipping_fields those should all contain valid values, because otherwise an empty entry is written in the database, which leads to an inconsistent shipping address. The field "unhashedPassword" is used for importing clear-text-passwords and is encrypted with the given encoder. For importing passwords please mind to give a valid encoder.

The field newsletter only sets a indicator in the database. To enter newsletter-recipients please use the separate profile.

Provided fields incl. description

field namedescriptionvaluescharacteristics
idCustomerId in the databasenumeric 
passwordencodes password of the customertextwith the field encoder you set the encryption of the password
unhashedPasswordunencrypted passwordtextOnly used if the column "password" is empty. The password will be encrypted with the encryption from "encoder"
encoderencryption methodmd5, bcryptHas to be included for importing a password
emailE-Mail-address of the customerE-MailThe field must not be empty
activeSets if the customer account is activeboolean (0 or 1)If not included the customer account is always inactive
accountModecustomer account or customer with fast-order-settingboolean (0 or 1) 
firstLoginfirst logindate 
lastLoginlast logindate 
sessionIdId of the active Sessionnumeric 
newsletternewsletter registration for customer account (Yes/No)boolean (0 or 1)Does not automatically set the customer as an newsletter receiver! This is only a mark for the account to check the registration
validationdate of the validationdate 
affiliatepartner op the shopBooleanMarks if the customer account belongs to a partner in the affiliate program
customergroupcustomer grouptextSets the abbreviation found at configuration > basic settings > shop settings > customer groups
paymentPresetpayment-ID presetnumeric 
subshopIDconnection to the language- or sub-shopnumeric 
refererConnection to the partneralphanumeric 
priceGroupIdId of the price groupnumeric 
failedLoginsfailed login triesnumeric 
lockedUntillocked untildate 
customerNumbercustomer numbertextidentification mark for the customer. If already existing, an update is done
birthdaydate of birthdate 
billingCompanybilling-address: company nametext 
billingDepartmentbilling-address: departmenttext 
billingSalutationbilling-address: salutationtext 
billingFirstnamebilling-address: first nametext 
billingLastnamebilling-address: last nametext 
billingStreetbilling-address: streettext 
billingZipcodebilling-address: zip codetext 
billingCitybilling-address: citytext 
billingPhonebilling-address: phone numbertext 
billingCountryIDbilling-address: country-IDtext 
billingStateIDbilling-address: state-IDtext 
billingAdditionalAddressLine#billing-address: additional address line #text 
attrBillingtext#billing-address: additional attribute field #text 
shippingCompanyshipping-address: companytext 
shippingDerpartmentshipping-address: departmenttext 
shippingSalutationshipping-address: salutationtext 
shippingFirstnameshipping-address: first nametext 
shippingLastnameshipping-address: last nametext 
shippingStreetshipping-address: streettext 
shippingZipcodeshipping-address: zip-codetext 
shippingCityshipping-address: citytext 
shippingCountryIDshipping-address: country-IDtext 
shippingStateIDshipping-address: state-IDtext 
shippingAdditionalAddressLine#shipping-address: additional address line #text 
attrShippingtext#shipping-address: additional attribute field #text 

Minimal import

This minimal import for customers contains the mail-address, customer number, password, encoder as well as information to billing address, a customer-group and a payment mean. Those are necessary for creating a new customer. 

The profile for this import can be downloaded here: CustomersMinimal.json 
You get an example xml-file here: CustomersMinimal.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: CustomersMinimal.csv 

Default profile

This default profile contains all mandatory fields and often used detail information. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Customers (default_customers)". 
You get an example xml-file here: Customers.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: Customers.csv 

Profile "Customers complete"

Starting from version 2.4.0 you can use a new default profile called "Customers complete" (default_customers_complete). The primary function of this profile is exporting personal data of your customers, including generel customer data, addresses and orders. This way you can access the data of your customers by selecting the new profile for your export. Please keep in mind that this profile supports only XML as export format.

For this profile, neither editing nor import is provided. Thus it can only be found in the export's profile selection and won't appear in the "Profiles" section.

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