Import / Export: Article translations

Please mind that you can only edit and add translations to exisiting items. It is not possible to create completely new items with this profile type.

General information

Before an import to the live-system is done, you should create a database backup. In any case the import should be tested in a test- or staging-system.

Basic translations

When importing item translations we have to keep in mind, to include the correct languageId for the translations. This id can be found in the table s_core_multilanguage. Attributes can only be imported if they are marked as translatable in the basic settings.

Provided fields incl. description

field namedescriptionvaluescharacteristics
languageIdid of the languagenumericCan be found in the database-table s_core_shops
nametranslation of the nametext 
keywordskeywords, relevant for the shopware searchtext 
descriptiontranslation of the short descriptiontext 
descriptionLongtranslation of the descriptiontext 
additionaltexttranslation of the variant textText 
metatitletranslation of the meta-titletext 
packunittranslation of the pack unitText 
attr#translation of the free text fieldsText 

Minimal import

This profile provides the mandatory fields for the import incl. the translatable field name. Any profile has to include the languageId as well as the articlenumber and one translatable field. 

The profile for the import can be downloaded here: ArticlesTranslationsMinimal.json 
You get an example xml-file here: ArticlesTranslationsMinimal.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: ArticlesTranslationsMinimal.csv 

Currently exsisting translations are not used in an import but are completely replaced by the new values. If you want to keep your existing translations you have to export those and keep them in the import file.

Default profile

This is the default profile for item translations and contains all translatable item fields. Additional you could add translatable attribute fields, if those are defined in the basic settings. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Article translations (default_article_translations)". 
Here you can download the profile: default.article.translation.json
You get an example xml-file here: ArticlesTranslations.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: ArticlesTranslations.csv 

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