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For the order export you have two different profile types. The default orders profile exports a line with information for each position of the order, the orders main data profile type only exports one line with the basic information of the order and no position information. Please mind that you can only update the order state via import, it is not possible to import complete orders.

General information

Before an import to the live-system is done, you should create a database backup. In any case the import should be tested in a test- or staging-system.

Basic orders

Please keep in mind that you can not import complete orders, but only update the order state. In the default order profile, there is a separate entry for every order position. If you only want the basic information of every order, you have to use the profile orders main data.

Complete orders can not be imported. You can only import the order state.

The function Export of orders provides the following filters:

  • Ordernumber from: Value of an ordernumber the export starts from
  • Date from: Selection of a start-date
  • Date to: Selection of an end-date
  • Order state: Filter of an order state
  • Payment state: Filter of a payment state

Provided fields incl. description

field namedescriptionvaluescharacteristics
orderIdID of the ordernumericID of the order from the table s_order
orderDetailIdID of the order detailnumericID of the order from the table s_order_details
articleIdID of the itemnumeric 
numberordernumberalphanumericMandatory key to the order
customerIdID of the customernumericID of the customer from the table s_user
statusID of the order statenumericID of the order state from s_core_states
clearedID of the payment statenumericID of the payment state from s_core_states
orderTimeorder datedate 
shopIdID of the shoptext 
invoiceAmountamount of the ordernumeric 
invoiceAmountNetnet amount of the ordernumeric 
invoiceShippingshipping costsnumeric 
invoiceShippingNetshipping costs netnumeric 
internalCommentinternal commenttext 
netnetbooleanDecides if the invoice is created with net prices
taxfreetax freebooleanDecides if the invoice is created with taxes
temporaryIDtemporary IDnumeric 
refererconnection to the partnernumeric 
clearedDatepayment datedate 
languageIsoID of the languagenumericFound in the s_core_multilanguage
currencyshort identifier of the currencytext 
currencyFactorconversion factor of the currencynumeric 
paymentIdpayment meannumericFound in the table s_core_paymentmeans
paymentDescriptionname of the payment meantext 
paymentStatusIdID of the payment meannumeric 
paymentStatusDescriptionname payment statetext 
dispatchIdID of the shipping typenumericFound in s_premium_dispatch
dispatchDescriptiondescription of the shipping typetext 
taxIdID of the tax ratenumericFound in s_core_tax
taxRatetax ratenumeric 
statusIdID of the order statenumeric 
articleNumberitem numberalphanumeric 
articleNameName of the itemtext 
priceprice of the itemnumeric 
quantityquantity of the itemnumeric 
invoiceinvoice createdboolean 
shippedGroupshipping groupboolean 
releasedaterelease datedate 
taxID of the taxnumericFound in s_core_tax
modemode of the itemnumeric0: normal item, 2: voucher, 4: discount
billingCompanycompany name of the invoice-addresstext 
billingDepartmentdepartment of the invoice-addresstext 
billingSalutationsalutation of the invoice-addresstext 
billigFirstnamefirstname of the invoice-addresstext 
billingLastnamelastname of the invoice-addresstext 
billingStreetstreet of the invoice-addresstext 
billingZipCodezip code of the invoice-addresstext 
billingCitycity of the invoice-addresstext 
billingVatIdVat ID of the invoice-addresstext 
billingPhonephone number of the invoice-addresstext 
billingCountryNamecountry name of the invoice-addresstext 
billingCountryIsocountry-id of the invoice-addressnumeric 
billingAdditionalAddressLine1additional address line 1 of the invoice-addressText 
billingAdditionalAddressLine2additional address line 2 of the invoice-addressText 
shippingCompanycompany name of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingDepartmentdepartment of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingSalutationsalutation of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingFirstnamefirstname of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingLastnamelastname of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingStreetstreet of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingZipcodezip code of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingCitycity of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingCountryNamecountry name of the shipping-addresstext 
shippingCountryIsocountry-id of the shipping-addressnumeric 
shippingAdditionalAddressLine1additional address line 1 of the shipping-addressText 
shippingAdditionalAddressLine2additional address line 2 of the shipping-addressText 
AttributeAttribute1attribute of the ordertext 
AttributeAttribute2attribute of the ordertext 
AttributeAttribute3attribute of the ordertext 
AttributeAttribute4attribute of the ordertext 
AttributeAttribute5attribute of the ordertext 
AttributeAttribute6attribute of the ordertext 

Minimal import to update the state

Currently you can only update the order state. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Orders minimal (default_orders_minimal)". 
You get an example xml-file here: OrdersMinimal.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: OrdersMinimal.csv 

Default profile orders

This is the default profile for orders. Every position gets a separate entry in this profile. 

The profile for this import can be downloaded here: Orders.json 
You get an example xml-file here: Orders.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: Orders.csv 

Default profile order main data

This is the default profile to create a summarized entry for each order. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Orders Main Data (default_order_main_data)". 
You get an example xml-file here: OrdersMainData.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: OrdersMainData.csv 

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