Export orders

Step 1: Create a new profile

To export orders from your shop, you need a corresponding profile. You must create this manually. To do this, navigate to the Settings > Import/ Export > Profiles.

In the list you will see all the profiles you have already created as well as the standard profiles. Next, add a new profile (1).

Edit profile

For exporting orders, the profile must contain the following mandatory fields:

id, salesChannelId, orderDateTime, stateId.

You cannot export orders without these mandatory fields. So first of all, add these mandatory fields to the profile. You can select the mandatory fields in the dropdown in the column "Database entry" (1). In addition to the mandatory fields, you can also enter further fields. The available fields are also displayed in the dropdown.
In the Name column (2) you can name the fields. The name also functions as the column name in the export file.

Step 2: Start the export

As soon as you have created and saved the profile, it will be displayed in the export selection. Select the profile "Orders" and start the export (1).

Step 3: Download file

Download the file in the next step (1) and open it locally in a spreadsheet programme.

Make sure that the programme with which you open and edit the file does not insert any formatting. Open Office, for example, is a good choice here.

View of the exported CSV file

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