Security Update 06/2021

General Information

In this security release, we have been able to close security gaps of the threat level "medium" in addition to the usual error corrections and optimizations. Affected are the Shopware versions from 6.1.0 up to and including The following vulnerability has been fixed with this security update:

NEXT-14744: Private files publicly accessible with an external cloud storage provider.
NEXT-14883: Privilege escalation of created integrations.
NEXT-15183: The API route for order cancellation does not check the customer scope.

We recommend updating to the current version You can get the update to regularly via the Auto-Updater or directly via the download overview.

For older versions of 6.3 and lower, corresponding security measures are also available via a plugin.


If you are using an external storage provider, you should run the new CLI command "s3:set-visibility" after the update, to fix possible accessibility issues.

For the correct configuration of your storage provider you should have a look into the following change: 

The usage of external storage provider is also documented here:

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