This section lists all themes that you have currently added to your Shopware installation. You can also manage and edit them here.

All themes are listed in the overview. You can use the pull down menu(1) to change the sorting and switch the view between listing and thumbnails.
Each theme has a context menu (2) where you can change and delete the thumbnail. This context menu appears if you mouse over a theme and then click on the button with the three dots. It's possible for you, to rename the theme or delete it completely. If a grey dot (3) is displayed below the preview image, this theme is not yet assigned to a sales channel. If the theme is assigned to a sales channel, this point turns green. 


Theme configuration

In the theme configuration you can individually design your theme. Here you can select colors and fonts.


Here you can define the basic background and frame colors for your theme. The primary color can be found in the Responsive Theme, for example, in the headings and links. 


Status messages

Here you can adjust the colors of the status messages in your shop.



Here you can adjust the font and text color of texts and headings of the theme. 

An example for the fonts of the texts and headings is an element in the article listing.


Here you change the appearance of the buy button and the displayed price. 



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