This section lists all themes that you have currently added to your Shopware installation. You can also manage and edit them here.

All themes are listed in the overview. You can use the pull down menu(1) to change the sorting and switch the view between listing and thumbnails.
Each theme has a context menu (2) where you can change and delete the thumbnail. This context menu appears if you mouse over a theme and then click on the button with the three dots. It's possible for you, to rename the theme or delete it completely. If a grey dot (3) is displayed below the preview image, this theme is not yet assigned to a sales channel. If the theme is assigned to a sales channel, this point turns green.

Theme configuration

In the theme configuration you can individually design your theme. Here you can select colors and fonts.


Here you can define the basic background and frame colors for your theme. The primary color can be found in the Responsive Theme, for example, in the headings and links.


Status messages

Here you can adjust the colors of the status messages in your shop.



Here you can adjust the font and text color of texts and headings of the theme.

An example for the fonts of the texts and headings is an element in the article listing.


Here you change the appearance of the buy button and the displayed price.



In this area you define the logos and icons. A viewport larger than 991px will display the desktop logo. Between 991px and 767px the tablet logo is displayed. A viewport smaller than 767px, will display the mobile logo.
The favicon is displayed in front of the URL in the browser and the app & share icon is displayed as a preview, for example, if the page is shared in social networks.

Create duplicate

Only themes, not already inherited from other themes, can be duplicated. In that case, the option is not present in the context menu.

To create a duplicate, select Create Duplicate in the context menu of your desired theme.
After you have given your duplicate a name, the configuration of your theme will open.
You will notice that the configuration of your theme is inherited from the duplicated theme.
This inheritance can be switched off for individual configurations by clicking on the inheritance logo, so that you can make individual changes to your duplicated theme.
You can find more information about other possible changes to the template here.

Assign theme to a sales channel

To use a theme for a storefront it is necessary to assign the theme to the corresponding sales channel. To do this, open the Themes tab in the respective sales channel. There you can assign a theme to the sales channel.

First, you will see the theme that is currently assigned to the sales channel. By clicking on the theme thumbnail or Change Theme, you can assign one of the installed themes.

Premium Themes

If you have booked a Shopware Rise, Evolve or Beyond plan you have access to our Premium Themes without any extra cost. With the help of Premium Themes you can change the storefront design of your shop. 

The five Premium themes are easily configurable so that nothing stands in the way of a straightforward change of theme. This means that you can get started with new themes easily and smoothly, even without professional support. Despite how simple the themes are to use, they still have plenty of customization options so that you can customize them according to your own preferences. This means that you can design the theme according to your individual wishes without getting lost in complex settings options.
All Premium themes have been optimized for a good user experience and designed to the highest standards. The themes differ in the type of product placement, the color palette, and the arrangement of the elements – so each theme has its own style based on a perfectly harmonized symbiosis.

Premium theme "Elle"

"Elle" is reminiscent of the Standard Shopware theme with its light and fresh look. But the Premium theme "Elle"  also stands out from the Standard thanks to the distinctive modern look.

  • Focus on the perfect product presentation 
  • The configurable color palette for header and footer bars
  • Incorporate your own shop logo in the footer
  • Suitable for both small and large product ranges, as the theme scales well 
  • A narrow header puts your company story in the foreground
  • The optimal balance of white space and contrast provides even more emphasis for your content


Premium theme "Showroom"

The Premium theme "Showroom" impresses with a minimalist and clear structure and stands out with its stylish and clean design.

  • Focus on unique product placement, functions as a showroom for your items  
  • Configurable color palette for header and footer bars
  • Incorporate your own shop logo in the footer
  • Suitable for both small and large product ranges, as the theme scales well 
  • A clean, small menu bar provides space for large-format product photos


Premium theme "Shape"

The Premium theme "Shape" stands out with its elegant and expressive look. Featuring an open and dynamic design, this theme offers you plenty of space to optimally present your products and content. With "Shape" you can put your brand identity in the foreground and give your brand style and recognition value.

  • Focus on images and editorial content; vibrant product experience
  • Flat structure, navigation designed for small category trees
  • Perfect for small and individual product ranges, as the category depth is limited to three levels
  • Coordinated accents and shadows – linked to the main color
  • Specially created illustrations for special shop pages, for example, page in maintenance mode, 404 error page, etc.


Premium theme "Cinema"

The Premium theme "Cinema" convinces with a modern and high-contrast design. The appealing product detail page offers space for detailed shots and large product photos, which is why the "Cinema" theme is particularly suitable for single product stores.

  • Unique layout with a focus on product photos
  • The header and footer are linked to the secondary color
  • Incorporate your own shop logo in the footer
  • Scalable and therefore suitable for smaller as well as more extensive product ranges (support of category depth)
  • Reduced display of product boxes in listings (no variants or rating information)
  • Configurable and customizable images for empty state pages (404 error page, maintenance, etc.)


Premium theme "Emporium"

The Premium theme "Emporium" provides you with a modern and sleek wide-screen design, giving you plenty of space to focus on the essentials – your product images. "Less is more", also applies to the customizable product detail page, which appears extra clean and clear due to the collapsible product information. But don't worry – if you're already used to the standardized look of the product detail page, you have the option to keep the style of the Emporium theme while using the default layout, thanks to the Shopping Experience feature of Shopware.

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Understated layout with a focus on product photos
  • Minimalist wide-screen design
  • Scalable for small and large product ranges (support for category depth)
  • Restructuring of product information on product detail pages
  • More compact depiction of product boxes in listings
  • Implementation of social media symbols in the footer
  • Configurable and customizable, for example, you can choose your own images for empty state pages (404 error pages, maintenance, etc.)


All five premium themes impress with fantastic new designs that stand out from the Standard and offer you individual configuration options. Because similar to the Standard theme, you can customise the premium themes according to your wishes.

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