Update Guide Shopware 5.7

System requirements


The following technologies can no longer be used from Shopware 5.7 in the version mentioned:

  • All PHP Versions under 7.4

  • Elasticsearch under the version 7.0


The following versions can be used as of Shopware 5.7:

  • PHP 8.0

  • Elasticsearch 7.0

Technical Innovations

  • PHP 8 compatibility: To future-proof Shopware and increase performance, we have made Shopware 5.7 PHP 8 compatible. Updates for PHP 7.2 were discontinued at the end of November and are therefore "end of life".

  • Symfony 4 LTS Update: With Shopware 5, we also rely on state-of-the-art technology. The update to Symfony 4 LTS primarily brings stability. Security updates for Symfony 3 will only run until 2021.


Standard E-Mail-Template

It is a requirement of Trusted Shops to display the shop operator's master data in the footer of all mails. The standard email template has therefore been updated. The shop's master data is now displayed in the footer by default.


From now on, the sitemap can be maintained via the backend. Thus, custom URLs can be entered and URLs can be excluded from sitemaps.

Additional Informationen

Long Term Support

Shopware 5 receives 5 years of support and updates. 

  • Regular Releases (incl. features) until 07/2021

  • Bugfix Releases until 07/2023

  • Security Releases until 07/2024

During this period, we make sure that the shop is operational at all times. This means concretely:

  • Compatibility with current technologies (e.g. PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch)

  • Legal Requirements

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