Update Guide Shopware 5.4


In this article we go into the Upgrade from Shopware 5.3 to Shopware 5.4, we show you the things to keep in mind and what has changed. This article is primarily for the user of Shopware, thats why not all changes are explained here. If you are a developer, please visit the Upgrade Guide Shopware 5.4 in our developer documentation.

Important changes

Removed mixed SSL mode

With Shopware 5.4.0 the mixed SSL mode was removed, so securing your shop with SSL can only be done globally.

If you use the mixed mode, your shop will migrated to the global SSL mode. If you didn't use SSL, nothing's gonna change.

Due to the migration of the mixed SSL mode to the global SSL mode, your urls will change! The homepage and landing pages, category listings, product sites and shopsites are now delivered using https:// instead of http://, which is a different website for Google! To keep your ranking, you should provide 301 redirections in your htaccess file before updating! Otherwise Google won't find your websites anymore and will remove them from the index.

Variants in the listing

With Shopware 5.4.0 it's possible to show variants in the listing, when the user filters the listing using an according property. Using this, you can by default filter your listing e.g. by color and the according variants will be shown.

In the article Variants in the listing we described the whole feature in detail, so you can use it quickly.

CSRF in the cart

The whole cart process is now protected against CSRF attacks to further secure the use of Shopware.

Improved variant image mapping

Since Shopware 5.4.0 it's much easier to map images to specific variants, this now works in a batch process, so you can easily map multiple images to a variant. You'll find further informations to this feature in the article Image Mapping

Further Changes

Product layout on manufacturer listings

With Shopware 5.4.0 you're able to set your preferred listing layout for manufacturer listings in Configuration > Basic settings > Frontend > Categories / lists > manufacturer page product layout to match your listing layout in normal listings.

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