Import / Export: article prices

Please mind that you can only update prices to existing items with this import. It is not possible to create new items by using this import profile type.

General information

Before an import to the live-system is done, you should create a database backup. In any case the import should be tested in a test- or staging-system.

Basic item prices

When importing item prices you have to mind that this profile is only for ex- and import of item prices. Every included non-price-field works only for better identification ans will not get imported.

Via import you can't delete graduated prices from an article or deleting just single steps.

Also the prices have to be entered depending on the customer-group. There has to be a new line for every price and customer-group.

Whether the prices are gross or net depends on the customer-group configuration, defined at configuration > basic configuration > customer-group.

You should always include every price(price, pseudoprice, baseprice), otherwise the missing prices are set empty.

Provided fields incl. description

field namedescriptionvaluescharacteristics
ordernumberitem-numberalphanumericmandatory field for an import
idID in the table s_article_pricesnumericoptional
articleidID of the item in the table s_articlesnumericoptional
articleDetailsIdID of the item in the table s_articles_detailsnumericoptional
fromvalue for graduationnumericHas to begin with 1 for any item, mandatory field for an import
tovalue for graduationnumericoptional
priceitem-pricenumericWhether gross or net depends on the customer-group configuration, mandatory field for an import
pseudopricepseudo pricenumericWhether gross or net depends on the customer-group configuration
percentpercentage discount for graduationnumericoptional, can only be used for graduation prices
pricegroupcustomer-group the price is set forshort identifier of a customer-groupmandatory field for an import
nameitem-nametextCan not be imported
addionalTextadditional variant texttextCan not be imported
purchasePricepurchase pricenumeric 
supplierNamesupplier-nametextCan not be imported

Minimal import

This profile imports only the main item price, purchase price and pseudo price are set empty. 

The profile for the import can be downloaded here: ArticlesPricesMinimal.json 
You get an example xml-file here: ArticlesPricesMinimal.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: ArticlesPricesMinimal.csv 

Default profile

This is the default import profile for prices. All prices and additional identification fields are included. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Article prices (default_article_prices)". 
You get an example xml-file here: ArticlesPrices.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: ArticlesPrices.csv 

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