Import / Export: Article images

Please mind that you can only add new images with this import, it is not possible to delete images by using an import.

Before an import to the live-system is done, you should create a database backup. In any case the import should be tested in a test- or staging-system.

Basic images

For importing images for items we need to mind, that images are always assigned to the main article. It is not necessary to import the same image multiple times for each variant. If you want to import images with the same name multiple times you can configure in the plugin-configuration.

The image relation is always structured like this group:option For example like this:


Currently an export of images is not possible via cli.

Provided fields incl. description

field namedescriptionvaluescharacteristics
ordernumberitem-numberTextidentifier of an item
imagelink to the item imateHTTP-linkMust not be empty
mainpreview image (yes/no)boolean (1 or 2) 
descriptionimage descriptiontext 
positionposition on the detail pagenumericthe lowest value on the first position
widthsize of the image(width)value in pixelNot used by default, not necessary
heightsize of the image(height)value in pixelNot used by default, not necessary
relationsvariant/image mappingtextStructured like this group:option, examples in the area characteristics
thumbnailcreate thumbnails for imported images (yes/no)boolean (0 or 1)If the option is 0 you have to create the thumbnails manually or via console

Minimal import

This import only contains the fields ordernumber, image and main. Those are the mandatory fields for every import. 

The profile for the import can be downloaded here: ArticlesImagesMinimal.json 
You get an example xml-file here: ImagesMinimal.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: ImagesMinimal.csv 

Default profile

This is the default profile for item images. All additional information fields for image imports are included. 

The profile for this import can be selected from the list of default profiles by the name "Article images profile (default_article_Images)". 
You get an example xml-file here: Images.xml 
You get an example csv-file here: Images.csv 

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5.5.0 or newer