Migration - Upgrade Guide Shopware 6 (Shopware 6)

Since you are migrating from Shopware 6 to Shopware 6 and thus to the same system, most of the settings and data will be transferred without any problems. After you have performed the migration and the data selected in the migration extension has already been transferred, there are still a few points where a manual check and, if necessary, adjustments are required.


For which data is a manual check required?


Business Events
The business events are not migrated from the source shop. If you have made special settings here, you should transfer them manually to the target shop.

Data from the import/export module and any log entries from past imports or exports will not be taken into account during the migration. If you have created your own profiles for the import/export in the source shop, it is necessary to create them again in the target shop.


The template data is not taken into account during the migration. Here it is necessary that you reinstall the template in your target shop. As a rule, templates can be easily reinstalled and used in the new shop. In case of problems, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the template directly.

If you want to use your own, individual theme, you can use the provided template as a basis.
You can learn how to customize the template in our developer documentation.


Data from extensions is only included in the migration if it is stored in the standard Shopware tables. If an extension uses its own tables, these will not be migrated. In this case, a new installation of the extension in the target shop is necessary. If and how the settings and data of extensions can be transferred to the new store, you can find out from the manufacturer of the respective extension. 


Generally, the SEO URLs are taken over. However, to be on the safe side, you should still check after the migration that everything is configured correctly here before you put the store into operation.

Dynamic Product Groups / Product Streams

Within Shopware 6, the Dynamic Product Groups are based on the Rule Builder. Therefore, a data transfer of previously created Product Streams from your Shopware 5 shop is not possible from a technical point of view.
Product streams and dynamic product groups have to be created manually.
We have summarized how to proceed in the following article on the Rule Builder.

Further notes

After the migration, we generally recommend that you compare the individual functions of your new Shopware 6 instance with those of your source shop by calling up the individual functions in both systems, such as the item detail page or completing an order.

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