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Updating Shopware

Creating a backup

Before updating Shopware, create a backup. Only with backups you can rollback easily if needed.

Note that Shopware itself does not create backups. You should set these up separately on your server. If you have hosted your server with a hosting partner, they will usually take care of creating the backups. In case of doubt, you should contact the hosting partner.

Plugin compatibility - IMPORTANT

Before updating, take care that all of your installed plugins are up-to-date and compatible with the new Shopware version, otherwise your shop may have problems at updating and you have to recover it from your backup. Whether or not your plugins are compatible can be checked in our Community Store, in the Auto-Updater in the admin or in your Shopware Account at Licenses.

Update by Browser

Step 1: Unzip and upload

Unzip the update archive and copy all files by FTP to your Shopware directory on your server - overwrite all existing Shopware files.

Alternatively you can upload and unzip the zip file through your hoster's control panel. This is usually much faster.

Only use the "Update Package" from the Changelog Site!

Step 2: Maintenance page

After you successfully uploaded the files a maintenance page will be displayed automatically :

Now open the updater: http(s)://

Step 3: Execute the update in browser

Follow the update instructions. If you update a shop with a large amount of data, the database migration step may take a while to process.

Step 4: Completing update

If the maintenance mode is still active after the update process has been completed, you must remove the /update-assets folder from the installation directory. However, if the permissions on your server are set correctly, this should happen automatically.

Step 5: Delete browser cache

Before you open the Admin, please delete your browser cache (cache & offline website data).

Step 6: Delete shop cache

Call the storefront and check the functionality - If you encounter problems here, delete the following folders in the installation directory of Shopware:


Step 7: Check for plugin updates

After the update, check whether plugin updates are offered to you. If so, install them to complete the update.

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