Migration Paypal Plus to Paypal Checkout

PayPal Checkout is the new complete solution from PayPal. It offers more payment methods, greater flexibility, and optimized user-friendliness compared to its predecessor PayPal PLUS. All this with the same future-proof technology.
You can find more advantages under: https://www.paypal.com/merchantapps/appcenter/acceptpayments/checkout?locale.x=en_IN&country.x=IN

The Paypal Checkout


With Paypal Checkout you have a variety of new payment options that you can offer your customers in your shop. With the following payment methods you offer your customers more flexibility.


Set-up in SW6:


To start the changeover from Paypal-Plus to Paypal-Checkout, go to the Paypal settings. You can find them under Settings > Extensions > Paypal.

You now have two options to connect the Paypal account. If you are in a test environment and want to test the new payment methods, use the sandbox data you received from Paypal. To do this, click on the button "Connect Paypal sandbox account". In the next step, the Paypal Assistant will open automatically and guide you through the further steps to connect the account.


Log in here with your sandbox data and follow the next steps. After a successful connection, a message will appear informing you that your account is now ready to use the Paypal checkout.


As you have connected with the sandbox data, you must activate the checkbox "Use sandbox data". After the PayPal account has been connected, you will be given the option to start onboarding.

Without onboarding, only the normal Paypal payment method can currently be used; all other payment methods integrated by Paypal are not yet activated. By clicking on the button "Start onboarding", the Paypal Assistant opens automatically. Here you have to enter your access data again and connect the account. After a successful connection, you will receive a message that everything is done.


In the next step, you will receive the information that the conversion was successful and that you can now deactivate Paypal-Plus as it is no longer required.


The new payment methods are now available to you. In order to offer these to your customers in the shop, they must first be activated. This gives you the flexibility to decide which ones you would like to offer in the future. To do this, click on the "Active" slider.

After the payment methods have been activated, they only need to be assigned to the sales channel. You can do this under Sales Channels > Payment Types. You can see from the "green" dot whether this payment method is already active and can be used.


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4.0.0 or newer