Remove defective extension

Under certain circumstances, an app or theme may no longer function properly. This might prevent you being able to deactivate or uninstalle the extension in the My Extensions section, should this be the case, it is possible to manually remove the extension and the associated plugin data.

Note that you will be removing data from the database and files from your server. So make sure you have a backup of the database and your data so that you can restore everything in case of an emergency.

Disable functions

First of all, you should disable the functions of the affected extension. For example, if it is a payment extension or shipping extension, disable the respective payment method or shipping method so that it can no longer be used by customers. In case of a theme, you should change the theme of your sales channel to another one first. In general, the functions provided by the defective extension should no longer be used, so that there are no problems when removing the extension. 

Remove database entry

If you only want to deactivate the extension, it is sufficient to change the entry in the active column of the database plugins to 0 in the plugins database table. This can be sufficient if you don't want to use a broken extension anymore and only want to deactivate it.
If you want to remove it completely because it still causes problems or if you want to reinstall it completely, you can remove the record of the extension in the database table plugins.

Remove extension data

Under certain circumstances, the extension has also created a directory in the store directory, which should still be physically removed from your server. You can usually find this in the Shopware main directory under Custom/Plugins/.
If you can't find it here, you should ask the extension manufacturer if and where the physical data is stored. 

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