Product representation in categories

In Shopware you can make various settings that influence the product representation on the category pages. In addition, the appearance of the information within a product box varies depending on the configuration of the product. In this article we will show you the setting options and give you information about the information in the product box.

Configuration options in the Admin


In the admin setting for the product representation are found in the Settings > Shop > Products section. Among other things, it is possible to specify whether a button should be shown on category overview to place the product directly in the shopping cart.
You can find out more details about this in the article Products.

Shopping Experiences

In Shopping Experience (Contents > Shopping Experience) of the type Category Pages you can define the general layout of the product boxes in the Product Listing block.
You can find more information about the configuration here in the subsection Product Listing.
You can see how the different settings are displayed in the storefront here.

Information in the product box

The information displayed about a product inside the product box depends on the type and configuration of the product.

Advanced prices

For products where a price scale has been created using the advanced prices, the lowest possible price is displayed with the addition From (1). For these products, no button is displayed to add them directly to the shopping cart.
You can find more information about the advanced prices here.

List price

If a list price is maintained for the product that is higher than the current sales price, it is shown crossed out next to the sales price (1). In addition, a badge (2) symbolising a discount is displayed.
The list price is maintained in the prices section of the product.

Variant information

For products with multiple variants, information (1) on the variant shown in the box is displayed.
If the displayed variant is not the cheapest possible variant, information on the cheapest variant is also displayed (2).
Click on the add to shopping cart button to add the displayed variant to the shopping cart. To select another variant, click on another position in the product box (e.g. on the product picture or the product name).

You can find more information on variant configuration here.

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