Customer's VAT ID

In this article we will give you some information on where the customer's VAT ID is used or can be included.

Please note that the VAT ID can only be entered by commercial customers. The corresponding input fields are hidden for private customers. To enable customers to register as commercial customers, activate the option show selection between commercial and customer account in the settings in the Login / Registration area.
Further information on this can be found in the documentation Login / Registration.

Show and edit VAT ID in the admin area

If you want to display or edit the VAT ID of a customer, first call up the customer details of this customer. This is possible either using the central search bar or the customer overview.

In the customer details, the ID is stored in the General section (1). To see it, activate the edit mode (2).

In the editing window you will find the VAT ID (1). You can change the ID and save by using clicking on the blue Save button (2).

Showing and editing the VAT ID in the customer account

In the customer account, the VAT ID is stored in the general profile information. The customer can see this from the overview (1). If the customer wants to change the ID, this can be done by clicking on the button Change profile (2).

Here, commercial customers (1) now have the option to adjust the VAT ID (2) and save the change (3).

Output VAT ID on the invoice

As of Shopware, the VAT ID is printed on the invoice. If you have made an adjustment to the document template in a previous version, it may therefore be necessary to reverse this change, otherwise the ID may be printed twice.

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