You will find an overview of the already created manufacturers here.
In the overview, the most important information about the individual manufacturers is displayed directly.
In addition you have the possibility to adjust the sorting of the table (ascending and descending) by clicking on the respective column heading.

On the right side of each line you can use the button "..." to open the context menu for the respective manufacturer.
This menu offers you further options:

Opens the editing view for the manufacturer..
Creates a copy of the manufacturer with the stored data.
Click here to delete the manufacturer.
Note, however, that the manufacturer can only be deleted if it is not assigned to any product.

Add a new manufacturer

You can add a new manufacturer via "Add manufacturer".
A click on the button opens the corresponding mask for adding a new vendor.

The only mandatory information for the creation of a manufacturer is the name.

In addition, you can link to the website and store the company logo.
It is also possible to add a description text for the manufacturer's page to provide customers with additional information about the manufacturer.


Manufacturer search in storefront


If you have created one or more manufacturers in the admin and maintained them with the corresponding information, you can see them in the top right-hand corner of the product detail page for the products for which you have entered a manufacturer. There you can see the name of the manufacturer, or alternatively the logo, provided you have uploaded this to the manufacturer in the admin.
If the manufacturer has a website (link), the name or logo can be clicked on the product detail page.

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