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CMS extensions for Shopware 6

The CMS Extensions for Shopware 6 is a plugin that is part of Shopware Evolve and provides extended functions for the shopping experiences.


If at least the Shopware Evolve plan is stored in the shopware account for the shop domain, you can download the plugin in the plugin administration under Settings > System > Plugins > Licenses.
The plugin is then listed under My Plugins and can be installed by clicking on the "..." button.
After the plugin has been installed, you can activate it by clicking the button in the Status column.


The plugin provides the following functions:


This function enables a product view directly in the listing.
The customer does not have to leave the listing to get a more detailed overview of the product.

The activation of the function is possible in the respective shopping experience and is available for elements of the type Commerce.
If you have selected a corresponding element in the shopping experience editor, you can activate the Quickview in the Behavior section (1).
This will then be used in all categories to which this shopping experience is assigned to.

Frontend view


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