Customer Overview

The customer module allows you a comfortable administration of your customer base.
Here you get a view on all relevant data of your customers and various possibilities to edit them.

Within the customer overview you can manage your customer base.

You also have a direct view of all your customers, can search for them (1), view them in detail (2), edit them (3), duplicate them (4) and delete them (5).
You can also add a new customer to your system via the button Add customer (6). On the right side you will find tools (7) to update the overview and to narrow it down further by filter settings.

Customer ID:
The internally assigned customer number of your customer.

Name, address, email: 
Here it concerns deposited address data, as well as the name of your customer.
These can be found in many steps concerning this customer.

The address always displays the currently assigned standard billing address of the customer.

View a customer

A click within the context menu on View (1) to the right of the customer opens a detailed overview.
You will find all data of your customer in a structured overview in this mask.


The General tab shows you more detailed information about your customer.
This also includes the data that can already be seen in the overview.


The addresses tab shows all the addresses stored for your customer.
Similar to the customer overview, you can find structured information about the customer's addresses here.

In addition to the possibility to specify the standard delivery address (1) and standard billing address (2) by clicking, you will also find a search (3) and the possibility to add a new address for the customer (4).
If you click on the button (5), the context menu opens, which now also gives you the opportunity to edit the address, or you can duplicate or delete it.


In the tab orders you an overview of all transacted orders of your customer is indicated.
Here you will find relevant information about the order number, the amount, the order status and the order date. We also offer a search function (1).

By clicking on the field (2) you have the possibility to open the corresponding order and land in the order details.

Edit a customer

The edit mode lets you configure the General tab.

This includes all the information you could already see within the General tab.
You can also configure a standard delivery address and a standard billing address in this mode.
You can find the option here in the General tab below under Addresses.

Create a new customer

Within the customer module you have the option to create a new customer.

The module allows you to enter common entries for the newly created customer (name, address, etc.).
It is possible to assign a customer group directly to the customer (1). This applies e.g. given settings of this customer group to this customer.
The field Sales channel (2) lets you assign the customer to one of your sales channels and thus determines how far he sees your storefront and which products he gets, for example, played out.
The field Tags (3) allows you to assign various keywords to the customer, which you can use in listings, product streams or rulebuilder to allow further nesting within a customer group.

Further you have the possibility to assign an address directly to the customer in advance in the submenu Addresses here.
The red marked fields are mandatory fields, which have to be filled in by you, so that you can create this customer.

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