System Requirements / Hosting


The required server hardware is mostly dependent on the number of articles available in your shop and on the expected traffic (visitors per day). The requirements are covered by most hosting providers and certified hosters should be able to provide a suitable configuration.

Requirements (5.7 Release Candidate)

  • Linux-based operating system with Apache 2.x or 2.4 web server with mod_rewrite module and the possibility
  • to change web server settings in .htaccess.
  • PHP 7.3.x / 7.4.x / 8.0 (7.3.7, 7.4.14  and 8.0.1 are not compatible)
  • MySQL >=5.7 (except 8.0.20 and 8.0.21)
  • Possibility to set up cron jobs
  • Minimum 4 GB available hard disk space

PHP Extensions / Web server

  • a valid, routed domain
  • Apache mod_rewrite
  • GD Library version 2.0 or higher
  • cURL Library installed
  • IonCube Loader version 5.0.0 or higher is required when using encoded third-party plugins.
  • When using Shopware ESD functionalities, it's highly recommend to use Apache X-Sendfile.

Web server/PHP-Configuration

  • memory_limit > 256M
  • magic_quotes_gpc OFF
  • allow_url_fopen activated
  • register_globals deactivated
  • Possibiliy to modify configurations by .htaccess
  • PHP Calendar Extension
  • PHP Zip Extension
  • PDO / PDO_Mysql
  • INTL

Please bear in mind, that these values are absolute minimum requirements. When you are using Shopware in a high-traffic-environment or you have substantial amounts of items in your shop, we highly recommend upgrading your server resources.

Other requirements

The requirements specified above reflect only the minimum requirements of Shopware. Specific hardware requirements vary depending on the size and expected traffic of your shop. Additional server configuration may be required. Plug-ins installed in your shop may increase Shopware's need for resources or add additional system dependencies. Please refer to each plugin's documentation for more information.

Alternative server setups

The above requirements reflect the officially supported and recommended system setup to run Shopware on. However, you might be able to run Shopware on equivalent setups (Mac OS, nginx, MariaDB, etc). 
Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide official support for setting up servers and other setups. Setting up an alternative server including all mandatory system requirements is the task of the respective hosting partner.

Administration client

The administration of your shop can be done completely online via a web browser. The following requirements should be met by any client system that uses the administration backend. These requirements differ from the frontend user system requirements.


  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer version 11 or higher.
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Dual-core CPU
  • Minimum backend resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels

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