Shopware login token

Using the Shopware Login Token you are given a possibility to recognise your customers and to provide them with personalised content - even if they are not logged in.

This function is technically realised through a cookie that is saved on the client computer. After implementation the cookie is valid for one year and is exclusively used to recognise the customer. The cookie stores no personal data at all! Using this cookie, Shopware learns more about the customer stream, is able to assign the particular customer to a certain customer stream and thus offer personalised content to that customer.

Activate the Shopware Login Tokens (SLT)

The Shopware Login Token, abbreviated to SLT, is activated in the basic settings in "Frontend > Login / registration > Create Shopware login token". This setting is activated for every new installation of Shopware since 5.3.0, in update scenarios this option is disabled. This option can only be set globally.

In the frontend

In the frontend the customer will only see the altered "My account" button, which now opens a dropdown-menu containing all the menu deep links at clicking. If the customera are logged in at that time, they will be welcomed and addressed by their given name.

The side menu will adapt to the now personalised information:

The mobile view will also change accordingly:

To personalise the customers welcome, you can individualise the snippets "AccountGreetingBefore" and "AccountGreetingAfter", which are shown before and respectively after the first name in every menu.


The functionality of the Shopware Login Token follows a distinct logic:

  • If the customer is an "unknown" visitor (SLT cookie not set), Shopware displays the menu with a login/register button. Visitors can now click on every link in the account area, but will be promted to log-in/register in order to proceed further.
  • Logged in users, will be welcomed and referred to by their first name and are able to access all account areas.
  • If the browser window is closed without actively logging out, the browser deletes only the session's cookie, but keeps the SLT cookie. From then on during repeated visits, Shopware will welcome the customers personally with their first names. Shopware then acts like the users are logged in, when in fact they are not. Still if customers click on a specific account area, a log in is required again.
  • If customers log out deliberately, Shopware also discards the SLT cookie and therefore "forgets" the customer. After logging out, customers experience the shop as if they were new and unknown visitors.

Integration in different modules

Because Shopware knows, which customer stream customers belong to, you are able to provide personalised content directly after, but even before an actual log in. This e.g. applies to personalised shopping worlds, vouchers and newsletters.

Shopping worlds

Every shopping world can be restricted to customer streams. You decide, whether or not these shopping worlds will replace the default ones. Your customers will either see a different or an additional shopping world, everytime they visit the shop with the SLT cookie set. The decision is made according to the related Customer Stream. Detailed information on setting up different shopping worlds can be found in the shopping world documentation.


Also vouchers can be restricted to certain customer streams. Restricted vouchers can e.g. be redeemed by customers belonging to a predefined customer stream. Utilizing the benefits of SLT, these users can even redeem their vouchers without logging in, as the SLT cookie helps Shopware to identify the user's customer stream. This should improve the overall user experience significantly. If you are interested in how to set up restricted vouchers, see the voucher documentation.


Even newsletters can be restricted to customer streams, more information can be found in the newsletter documentation.

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