What are widgets?

Widgets are small applications / windows that can be individualized and displayed in your Shopware backend. Moreover, each user with administrative roles can customize which widgets they would like to see upon logging into the backend using drag & drop. Widgets make it possible for you to always have a brief overview of important processes in your online shop.

Adding and positioning widgets

You can open the widget window by clicking on the small tachometer icon located in the lower-left corner of your Shopware backend.

Once open, you can adjust the size of the window by placing your mouse on the border and dragging the window to the desired size. You can also change the placement of the window by clicking the arrow icon in the upper-right corner, followed by pinning the window to a new location in your backend.

Default widgets

Each user can customize their own widget wall. To do so, simply click the “+” icon in the upper-left portion of the window, select widgets you would like to see displayed and freely place them within in the window:

  • Turnover for yesterday and today: Displays the turnover from yesterday and today and shows you the amount of orders, new customers and visitors. This also shows the conversion of the last 7 days.
  • Drag and Drop Upload: With this widget, you can simply use drag & drop to upload files to your Media Manager. These files will be placed in the “Unsorted” folder in the Media Manager, so depending on your own organizational process, you may have to move them to a different folder. Keep in mind: images left in the “Unsorted” do not have thumbnails. Drag & drop is only supported with Chrome and Firefox.
  • Online visitors: In addition to a graphical representation of your visitor volume over the past 9 days, you also see the current number of visitors online. You also see the current average cart value, which is data taken from Shopware’s analysis feature. This means that information is also updated in certain intervals.
  • Last orders: Displays the last orders placed in the shop and allows you to see the user, order number and cart value.
  • Notepad: With the notepad, you can save important information, such as a to-do list or other important reminders.
  • Merchant activation: This widget shows all customers currently waiting to be approved for a specific customer group. The Shopware Premium Plugin, Business Essentials, also uses this widget for the standard merchant registration.
  • Shopware news: This widget displays the latest information published by Shopware, allowing you to always be up-to-date.

Backend Configuration

  • PHP timeout: With this setting, you can define the maximum time a backend process can run
  • Selectable languages: By default, "German" and "English" are provided for the backend. If you install language packs, you can define here in which language the backend is available. The language will then appear as a selection on the login screen.
  • Run "First Run Wizard" on next backend execution: If you want to run the Firt-Run-Wizard again, you can activate it again here
  • Ajax timeout: Here you can define after what time an Ajax request should run into a timeout (Backend only)
  • Automatically expand backend menu entries: This option determines whether the menu of the backend is to be expanded automatically or whether it is to be clicked on.
  • Notification position: If you want to move the notification windows to a different location, you can change the position of the window here

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