Overview of settings

Shopware offers you an overview of all possible configurations on this topic in the basic settings under Additional settings > Privacy. In the course of this article, we will explain in detail what the individual settings do.

Privacy Notice

Data protection information will be shown

All areas in which you submit personal data to Shopware via a form (e.g. registration, contact form, ..) can optionally be enhanced by a privacy notice.

If you want to change the snippet, you can edit the following text snippet: PrivacyText 

Data protection incl. checkbox

In addition to a simple text with notice, you can also optionally confirm this with a checkbox. This setting only works if the previous option was activated! Also the "Data protection information will be shown" option has to be activated to use this setting.

Deactivate AGB terms checkbox on checkout page

If you don't change this configuration, a checkbox will normally be displayed in the checkout, which the customer must actively confirm before purchasing your products. If you want this checkbox to be hidden, you can activate this option.

Check extended fields in newsletter registration

In order to enable a personal address in the newsletter, you can optionally request further information from the customer for registrations without a customer account.


Shopware stores all opt-in registrations in the table s_core_optin, this data is automatically cleaned up by the Cronjob Opt-In table Cleanup.

Newsletter Subscriptions

With this option you can activate the double opt-in for newsletter subscriptions. If you want to edit the opt-in e-mail, you will find it as sOPTINNEWSLETTER in the e-mail templates > System e-mails.

Comments & Customer Reviews

If you optinally want to activate the opt-in for blog comments and article reviews, you can use this setting. The e-mail template in this case is called sOPTINBLOGCOMMENT and sOPTINVOTE.


In some cases it is necessary that a customer in your shop explicitly confirms his e-mail address. If you want this, you can activate this option, you can customize this email in the template sOPTINREGISTER.

Quick Orderer

There is also a separate e-mail template for this which you can find in the e-mail templates under the name sOPTINREGISTERACCOUNTLESS. This setting can only be enabled if the Double-Opt-In for Registration option was previously enabled.

Days Without Confirmation Until Deletion

Of course it happens that an opt-in is requested, but the link is never accessed/confirmed. To clean up this data, you can define here after which period of time the entries will be deleted. This applies to all opt-in entries in general. As described above, the Cronjob Opt-In table Cleanup is responsible for this.

Send Confirmation Email After Registration

In order not to contact your customers unnecessarily with e-mails, you can use this option to prevent the sending of the e-mail sREGISTERCONFIRMATION


Shopware offers the possibility - like all other common sites - to display a cookie hint in the frontend. All these settings refer explicitly to this cookie hint.

The following cookies are used as standard:

sessionIdentifies the current session, the user and his shopping cart. 
csrfProvides protection against a CSRF attack.
Further information
shopStores the language-/subshop that the customer calls up. 
preferencesStores the settings from the Cookie Consent Manager.
sltErmöglicht es, den Kunden bei Rückkehr zum Shop wiederzuerkennen, auch wenn die Session bereits ausgelaufen ist.
Further informationen
declineIs set if the visitor refuses the storage of cookies.
allowIs set if the visitor allows cookies to be stored.
deviceStores the used device e.g. for the correct display of the shop. 
noteIf a customer adds an article to the wishlist, a cookie is set.
partnerIs needed to identify partners for the partner program. 
currencyStores the selected currency.
context_hashIs required for the recognition of the tax rules.
no_cacheThe elements that are not to be cached are stored here. 

In order for a link to your data protection conditions to be displayed in the cookie hint itself, you must enter the link to your data protection declaration here. The link to the privacy statement may differ per subshop. Via the shop tabs, you can store the correct link for the individual shops here.

Show Hint

If you enable this option, the cookie hint will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The customer can hide the message by clicking the Agree button.

Notice Mode

Here you can choose whether a simple note on the use of cookies is sufficient (opt-out) or whether cookies are only set after explicit confirmation (opt-in).

  • Show hint only
    All cookies are activated and information is displayed in the frontend. 

    Note that this mode is punishable in Germany. In other countries you should check if you are allowed to activate all cookies. 

  • Allow technically necessary cookies
    In this cookie mode, the user is given the opportunity to decide for himself which cookies he wants to activate. See Cookie Consent Manager.
  • Do not set any cookies until you have permission
    This mode will prompt the user to accept your cookies via a modal window popping up. Once accepted, all cookies are allowed and will be used, otherwise not a single cookie is set.

Depending on the mode, the functions of the shop are limited, as the necessary cookies cannot be set. 

If you have activated the cookie mode Allow technically necessary cookies, the customer has the possibility to decide in the frontend which cookies he wants to allow. 

Here the customer can then activate or deactivate cookies from the following sub-areas. 

Technically required

Comfort functions

Statistics & Tracking

Delete Accountless Customers Without Orders

With this option you can define after how many months a quick order without orders will be deleted via Cronjob Delete non-activated users.

Delete Canceled Orders

With the Cronjob Cancelled baskets cleanup you can have canceled orders deleted regularly.

Anonymize Customer IPs

If you don't want to capture the IPs of your customers, you can enable this option. The last range of the IP address will then be anonymized automatically.

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