Shopware 5 End of Life

After a transition period of four years, Shopware 5 development will be completely discontinued at the end of July 2024. Until then, you will still receive security-relevant updates, but we would like to offer you information and assistance on how you can switch your shop to Shopware 6 without stress.

Why is Shopware 5 no longer being developed?

Shopware 5 uses technologies with which it is no longer possible to react fully to current requirements and the use of modern technologies can no longer be implemented sensibly. Furthermore, the software contains functions that were already introduced with Shopware 4 and have therefore already been in use for ten years. In order to be able to offer a modern shop software with current technologies, we decided to rethink the shop system and to implement customer wishes that would not have been possible with the previous technology and structure. Shopware 6 was completely redesigned and developed and has been available for productive use since mid-January 2020.

Why does it make sense to switch to Shopware 6?

Shopware 6 is not simply a new version of an existing software but has been completely redeveloped. That's why you won't find all the functions in the usual form, and features that were previously not available have also been developed for Shopware 6. For example, you can use different types of sales channels, through the API First approach external providers can use the same functions, that Shopware uses and Shopware 6 allows you to customize all parts of the shop. 
Shopware 6 offers you new possibilities:

  • AI Copilot - Use artificial intelligence to assist you with tasks at various points.
  • Flow Builder - React according to your wishes to events that are triggered in the shop: Incoming orders, status changes in your orders, customer registrations, etc.
  • Rule Builder - Create rules and apply them to control promotions and discounts, limit the visibility of products, execute specific sequences via the Flow Builder when the condition is met, etc.
  • Digital Sales Rooms - Interact with selected customers in real time.
  • B2B Components - Add B2B functionality to your shop.
  • Multi-Inventory - Use several storage locations and stocks per storage location.

Also, for security reasons, it makes sense for you to consider upgrading to Shopware 6 in time because there will be no more security fixes for Shopware 5 after the end of July 2024. Shopware 6 gets regular upgrades that offer new functions and close known security gaps.

How can I carry out the migration?

Especially for Shopware 5 customers, we provide the migration connector and its counterpart the migration assistant for Shopware 6. You use this to establish a connection between the two shops and transfer the data from your previous shop to your new Shopware environment. 
For Shopware 5 migrants, we have created an article in our documentation that supports you with instructions and provides various tips: Migration Guide
For an individual offer regarding your support plan, you can contact our sales department at any time.


Which agency do you recommend for the migration?

The recommendation depends on various factors. To provide precise advice, it would be ideal to have some basic information about your project, such as the timeframe, technological requirements, radius, and other specific conditions. Here, you can get an initial overview of our agency-network.

At what size of the online shop is it advisable to engage an agency for the migration?

The size of the shop is secondary in this context. What is crucial is the technical knowledge of the shop owner and the ability to carry out the migration securely with the necessary time and expertise. Migration also provides an opportunity to make enhancements in the areas of user experience and design in the shop, where the assistance of a specialized agency can be beneficial.

What happens after July 2024?

Subsequently, there will be transferred of SW5 to the community and safefive, which will continue to perform ongoing updates for a fee.

Who is Savefive, and what role does Shopware play after July 2023?

Savefive is an initiative that has emerged from the collaboration of multiple agencies. From July 2024, Savefive will take over the Long-Term Support for Shopware 5. Further information can be found at Simultaneously, Shopware is focusing on the further development and support of Shopware 6.

Despite these changes, Shopware, with an active subscription, continues to provide technical support and remains available to address questions regarding the installation, configuration, or troubleshooting of the Shopware 5 shop.

What advantages does a plan offer me compared to the Community Edition?

You can find an overview of the features within the various plans here.

What happens if I don't want to migrate to Shopware 6?

In essence, the SW5 shop remains unchanged and can continue to operate. However, we recommend transitioning to Shopware 6 for technical and security reasons.

How long will Shopware 6 be supported?

No successor is planned, so Shopware 6 will be supported in the long term.

Why are licenses in Shopware 6 revenue-dependent?

The pricing of our plans is based on the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and other individual factors. Our Customer Relations Team is available anytime to discuss the new licensing model in detail and address all your questions. (

What advantages does Shopware 6 offer compared to other e-commerce systems?

Every system has its own pros and cons and caters to different target audiences. However, choosing Shopware 6 provides maximum flexibility and scalability. With an "API first" and "Headless" approach, you control how your business operates and how you deploy Shopware 6. You get a comprehensive ecommerce system that allows you to start immediately and grow continuously, whether it's B2B, B2C, physical, or digital products. Shopware 6 assists you in creating exceptional shopping experiences for your customers and simplifies tasks for shop owners through automated workflows without requiring any coding. For more information, visit:

Are there license costs for both systems during the transition period?

No. If you currently have a valid subscription, it will be credited from the start of the new plan's contract, ensuring no double costs during the migration period.

Which version should I use for migration?

We always recommend using the latest Shopware version.

Will purchased plugins from Shopware 5 be transferred?

During migration, you should check if there is a successor or suitable alternative for your existing extensions or if the functionality is already included in Shopware 6's standard features. If there is a successor plugin, most manufacturers offer attractive discounts, and the remaining durations of your plugin subscriptions are refunded proportionally.

Can extensions be tested for free on a migration environment?

Yes, detailed information on this can be found in the documentation here.

Is there a comparison overview of CE versus the respective plans?

In this documentation, you can find the various features of the plans, as well as an overview of the core features.

How does SEO ranking change during the switch?

Switching to Shopware 6 positively influences SEO ranking because search engine requirements evolve. Shopware 6 adapts to these current requirements, unlike Shopware 5.

Are all plugins still available in Shopware 5?

With the migration assistant, the extension licenses can be transferred from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. However, there is no guarantee that a successor is available for every extension.

What features are planned for the future?

You can find all features currently in the pipeline in our roadmap:

Is the switch to SaleFive automatic?

There is no transfer of personal customer data to SaleFive. Shop owners must independently contact SaleFive.

Do I need to book support with Shopware 6 separately?

Technical support is integrated into the chosen plan and is not billed separately.

What SEO benefits does Shopware 6 offer?

Shopware 6 experience worlds are no longer loaded with Ajax, leading to improved search performance compared to Shopware 5. Additionally, in Shopware 6, it is possible to define breadcrumbs, Rich Snippets, and set meta-tags without extensions. Bootstrap 4 in the frontend or Vue.js in Shopware 6 also reduces loading times.

How is support handled in Shopware 6?

You can find all support options and their available plans here.

Is managing images easier in Shopware 6?

The media import in Shopware 6 is more flexible and can accept "larger" images (file size and resolution).

Can digital products (ESD) be created in Shopware 6?

In Shopware 6, ESD articles are called digital products, allowing you to offer an item in digital and physical forms. More information can be found here.

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