Migration Environment

In this article you will learn everything about the migration environment.
The migration environment is a wizard designed to make your transition from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 as easy as possible.
The migration environment offers you various advantages, such as the transfer of your core licenses, as well as an assistant that allows you to migrate your existing plugin licenses to your new environment.
The migration environment also offers you unlimited test licenses of the plugins of your choice, in order to prepare you optimally for the entry into a new system.
We will explain to you in detail, how you can create them and how the migration assistant works, which supports you in migrating your plugins and licenses.

If you as a partner would like to create a wildcard environment for your customers, you will find further information in the partner section of the documentation.

Creation of the migration environment

In the shop operator area under shopsof your Shopware account you have the option to create a migration environment. To do this, click on the details of the desired shop.

This point deals with the creation of this environment and explains the correct procedure to you here.

You create the migration environment with the button Create a migration environment.
This will open a window in which you have to specify the source shop of your environment and the domain name that will be used for the source shop URL.

By clicking on Create environment you create this environment.

Note that the migration environment will always require a source shop, as the corresponding licenses of your main shop will be migrated here. If you do the go-live in one of the later steps, you will also be offered the possibility to move to a separate domain.

Setting up the Migration Environment

The created migration environment now appears in your shop overview.
To set up this environment, you can click on the name of the newly created domain (1).

In the detailed view of the environment you can now see an area called Shopware 6-Plugin-Migration-Assistant.
Click on the button To the Plugin Migration Assistant to continue.

Plugin Migration Assistant

The migration assistant shows you all Shopware 6-plugin-successors based on your existing Shopware 5-source-shops.
Here you can see in detail which plugins already offer a successor, have announced a successor, have not yet announced a successor or do not offer one.

Note that archived licenses are not displayed here.

These points are divided into the following three statuses:

Successor existing

Under this point you will find all plugins which have already developed and published successors to your plugins.
Here you can see if you have already licensed this plugin for your Shopware 6-shop.
We also offer you the possibility to use free trial versions of your previous Shopware 5.plugins within your migration environment. You can set this with the button (1).
If you now want to use various test licenses, you can finalize by clicking the button Create Selected Licenses (2) to get your test licenses here.

Plugin successors

Under this point you will find all plugins for which the developer has announced a successor.
Here you can see the month as well as the year of publication of the successor.

Successor unknown

At this point you can see all plugins, which either will not get a successor, or the successor date is not yet known.
It is also possible that this function has now been implemented by Shopware as a standard function and you don't need this plugin anymore.

If no successor of a plugin appears anymore or if it is still unannounced, we give you useful alternatives to the plugin, which already work with Shopware 6.

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