Wildcard environments

Wildcard environments

What is a wild card environment?

Wild card environments allow you to easily configure development environments for your customer projects.

If you would like to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 including the licences with the help of the wizard, you can find more information in our article Migration environment.

How can I create a wild card environment?

You can use one of your domains to create a wild card environment and use a subdomain to create an instance.

What can a wild card environment be used for?

An environment can be used to create several instances. An instance gives you full access to the Community Store and allows you to prepare or reconstruct certain customer projects.

Can an instance within the wild card environment also be used as a staging for customer projects?

No. An environment/instance can only be used to reconstruct or prepare customer projects within your domain. It can’t be a live environment or a customer domain environment.

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