Frequently asked questions about the support 

For which customers can I request support?

You can request manufacturer support for all customers with a commercial plan and active software subscription. Customers using the Community Edition will not receive support from us.
You should use Shopware support if you need technical support for your customer projects.

How can I create a support ticket?

A support ticket can be created under Partner > Support. To do this, locate the buttons Request support or Request developer support in the top right corner.
Select the customer shop for which you need support and write down your concerns including access data for the Shopware administration, database and PHPMyAdmin. Our Support Team will contact you in a timely manner via the support form in the account. The entire communication with our Support Team takes place exclusively via the partner account and not via other communication channels. You will receive an email notifying you of a response from our Support Team. In order to receive an answer as quickly as possible, you can activate the option Accept answer in English to allow an answer in English (1).

When do I receive a response to my support ticket?

The response times for the created support ticket depend on the plan. There are different levels: Shopware Rise, Shopware Evolve and Shopware Beyond. The response times vary between one and eight working hours. Please note that the response times for the developer support are different.

What is the difference between Shopware support & extension support?

In the Support section of the partner account, you can either submit a support request for our Technical Support or submit a support request for an extension. You or your customer purchased extensions from our Shopware Store and are faced with a technical issue? Then you should ask the extension manufacturer for support via the support form.

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