Plans and Licences

Which domain are listed under "Shops" in the shop owner section? 

Under Merchant > Shops, you will find a list of all test and live environments defined in your account.

What information can I find under “Shop information”?

Shop information contains relevant information about your shop domains and plans.
First of all, you can see which Shopware version you are using under the selected domain. Please note that the Shopware version is not automatically updated at this point as soon as you perform a Shopware update but must be manually maintained by you in this field.
You can also specify the usage type of your domain here: live shop or test shop.
In addition, you can see if there is an up-to-date software subscription for this domain, along with your account balance. 

Can I delete unwanted domains from the account myself?

No. Please contact a member of our Sales Team at

How can I rename my shop domain?

Please select the domain you would like to rename under Shops. Under Shop information, locate the field Rename shop domain (top left). Select this field and follow all steps described there. Once the domain has been renamed, all licences linked to the shop will be licensed for the new domain. Licence domains entered in the Administration section will become invalid and must be re-entered.
After you have modified the domain, it must be verified with the help of a generated token.

For more information, see our Shopware account documentation (for Shopware 6) and our system documentation (for Shopware 5).

Where can I find my licences?

An overview of your plugin and trial licences can be found at Merchant > Shops (select the domain). An overview of all licences is located at the bottom of the page.

How can I buy a extension that was used a trial licence?

To purchase the extension after a successful trial period, simply go to our Shopware Store and select the option Rental or Annual Subscription for your extension.

How do I cancel a extension rent?

To cancel a extension rental, log into your Shopware account and go to the Shops section. There you can select your domain and find your rental licenses in the lower area. Select the extension for which you want to cancel the rental and click on cancel rent. The rent will then be cancelled at the next possible time.

I accidentally booked a extension to a wrong domain. How can I transfer the extension now?

To transfer a extension to another domain, open the domain where the extension is currently located, select the extension and click on the Transfer licence button at the top left. Then, select the shop to which the extension will be licensed in the future.

What is the licence archive for?

You have licences that you no longer use and don’t want to see them displayed in the backend of your Shopware installation? No problem! From now on, you can archive unused licences in your shop’s details.
This increases both the performance and the user-friendliness of your Shopware environment.
Of course, you can always view the archived licences in the “Archive” section and remove them from there.

How can I transfer licenses? 

Your licenses have been booked for a wrong account or you have sold your licenses to a company and now want to transfer them? For exactly these scenarios you can request a license transfer in your customer account. 
In the shop merchant area it is possible to transfer individual extension and product licenses with linked extensions (e.g. Advanced Features) to another account. 
You can initiate the process at merchant > shops. Here you first select the desired domain from which you want to transfer extensions or licenses. 
After you have selected the domain, you will find the license move wizard at the top of the domain name.  Here you store the information about the license recipient like customer number, company name and contact person of the target account. 
In the second step you define which licenses you want to transfer. You can either transfer the entire shop including the domain or only individual licenses. The request for a license transfer will be checked by our sales department within the next working days. You will receive a notification about the status. 

Please note that a license transfer can only be carried out in the customer account.

Why was the request for extension return rejected by the manufacturer? 

The return of a extension by the manufacturer always takes place on goodwill and is legally not obligatory. In the B2B and in the trade with digital goods no fundamental return right exists.
If the manufacturer rejects the request for return of an extension, then he is not obligated to give a reason for this.  

How do I recharge my account? 

Which payment methods you can deposit and how you can do that, as well as everything else on this topic, you can find out here

Can I delete a shop in my account on my own? 

No. Please contact a member of our Sales Team at


Plans and Subscriptions 

What are purchase-subscriptions?

In the Shopware universe, there are purchase-subscriptions. A purchase subscription is nothing more than a maintenance contract with a booked term, which you can take advantage of in the event of technical challenges with an extension. Purchase subscriptions will no longer be offered from 01.01.2024 and will be completely replaced by the rental version.

What happens to my expired purchase-subscription and how do I book support & updates??

Under Merchant > Shops (select domain), you have an overview of all your extension licenses. A red "Expired" warning shows you that your purchase subscription has expired. You can use the "Switch to rental license" button to obtain the latest updates and support when you switch to rental.s.

How can I cancel my subscription (silver, gold, platinum, diamond)?

You must log into your shop operator area to cancel an active silver subscription. Then click on the "Shops" section and select the relevant shop. There you will find information about your shop, including the current active plans or subscriptions.

To cancel your active silver subscription, please click the "Cancel Subscription" button. Please note that the cancellation period is always 12 months from the date mentioned.

How can I cancel an active plan?

If you want to cancel an active plan, this is initially done similarly to a silver subscription. You can find more information about your shop and the licenses in the shop operator area of your Shopware account. There you can click on the button "Cancel plans." A message with the following content will then appear:

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