You can get help with all questions about the Shopware admin, frontend and our in-house supported extensions through Shopware Technical Support. This means in detail that we can help you whenever you need information or help with something that should work through Shopware or a Shopware extension. We are happy to answer all your questions about whether and where something can be configured in Shopware and help you if something does not work. However, if a problem occurs with a function that is provided by a third-party plugin or that you have added with custom programming, we cannot offer any assistance within the scope of technical support. In this case, the person who programmed the function must always provide support. In the case of plugins, there is always information in the store as to whether a extension is supported and by whom.

If you need support with individual programming, you can post questions about this in the developer support. It doesn't matter whether you want to adapt your theme or create your own function in a extension. Please note that our developer support does not develop ready-made solutions for you, but can help you with specific questions and problems during implementation. It is best to add your previous programming directly in a file here, so that the processing can take place as quickly as possible.

How do I create a support ticket

You can set up a support ticket at merchant > support. In the top right you will find the buttons request support and if available for your account the button request developer support.

Now select the shop for which support is needed and write down your request including access data to the Shopware administration, server "SSH" and database "PhPMyAdmin". Our support will then get back to you promptly through the support mask in the account. The complete communication with our support takes place exclusively through the shop operator account and not through other communication channels.

In order to make the flow of information between the ticket creator and Shopware Support transparent, the support ticket can be given reading rights for a third party. For example, if the shop owner writes a support ticket the partner can also read the conversation.

However only the creator of the ticket has writing rights. The option is called Partner about the creation of the ticket and grant a reading right and can be set directly when creating a support ticket (1). The option is activated by default.

If there is an answer from our support, you will receive an e-mail. In order to receive an answer as quickly as possible, you can activate the option Accept answer in English to allow an answer in English (2)

Please note that you are only entitled to support if you have a commercial Shopware plan.

You can find more help, including more information about Shopware support, for Shopware 5 here and for Shopware 6 here.

To what support types can I subscribe?

We have three different types of support:

The developer support is only available to you from Beyond plan or partner status SSP and is intended to support you with all questions relating to your individual adaptations. However, no complete programming will be created for you here, but you will receive support for your own programming if you get stuck. Furthermore, your questions about Varnish configuration, cluster systems and Elastic Search will be answered here if you have an Enterprise licence.

The callback support or phone support can deal with all topics explained in "What do I get support for", except for topics from the developer support, which is only possible in writing. This ticket type is available to you from the Evolve plan or as a Shopware partner. It is important that a specific question or problem should also be explained precisely in a callback support ticket. If you do not explain your query precisely in the ticket, this may lead to the ticket being delayed. The reason for this is that we first have to call you to find out about the problem and then there may be another processing time until we can give an answer to your enquiry. You should also ask yourself beforehand whether it really makes sense to explain a certain topic on the phone. There are topics that require complex steps and can therefore be better explained in writing. This also helps you to follow them step by step yourself. We would appreciate it if you let us know when you can best be reached during our business hours from 8 am to 5 pm. This way we can reach you directly and deal with your request in a targeted manner.

Email support is always available and is a good choice in most cases, as it allows us to send you detailed information that you can refer to whenever you need it.

What is the difference between Shopware Support & Extension Support?

In the support area of the shop merchant account, you can either send your support request to our technical support or post a support request for an extension. Have you purchased an extension from our Shopware Store and are facing a technical challenge? Then you should ask the extension manufacturer for support using the support mask.

What does Shopware need for troubleshooting?

When we look at your ticket, we usually have to do this on your own system. The processing of the ticket is accelerated if all access data to your system are already available. For example, you could prepare a file that you always update when a password changes.

For a faster and smoother analysis, we ask you to provide us with a test environment. This acts as a copy of your live shop and has the advantage that we do not have to intervene in your running live shop. You can find out how to create a test environment for Shopware 6 here. You can find instructions for Shopware 5 here.

The login credentials should consist of the following information:

  • FTP access: FTP host, user, password

  • Database access: link to phpMyAdmin, user, password, database name

  • Shopware backend user: standalone admin full access account, user, password

  • htaccess access: if available, user, password

You can send us the access data in a file or as text directly in the ticket.
Please always give us a short note in the ticket if you have sent the login credentials by fax.

We also need a description of when and how the problem occurs.

How do I explain my problem?

In a complete support request, you should always describe exactly what your problem is or what you would like to achieve.
Each ticket must always contain a single problem or one question, regardless of whether it is a callback ticket or not, otherwise it can take longer to process.
Here it is important to explain the occurring behaviour as if the later processor had never seen your own shop.
When submitting a ticket, always ask yourself, "Would I understand this even if it wasn't my shop?", because we in technical support can't know your shop, your industry and your way of working as well as you do. This means that you should describe every click you make to reproduce the behaviour.

No matter where the problem lies, if an error message appears, you should always copy and paste it into your ticket.
Error messages can give us a quick and easy indication of what is not working in your shop.

If a problem occurs with an item, customer, order or another special component in the shop, we also need the unique numbers and names, or e.g. the URL from your browser in the frontend.
So please always write the corresponding unique numbers or names in your ticket. Otherwise we have to ask you first and cannot start processing directly.

If you a don't know how to explain a problem or where it exactly occurs? Then add a screenshot of the problem to the ticket.

A customer has contacted you with a problem, but you don't exactly know how they got the problem? Then talk to your customer first. Let them explain to you what exactly they did in the shop to get the problem, then give us this information in the ticket. If you and we do not have this information yet, we will have to ask you for it and the processing may be delayed.

When will I receive a reply to my support ticket?

The response times of the support ticket depend on the plan booked. Here we distinguish between four different levels: Shopware Rise, Shopware Evolve, and Shopware Beyond. The response times here are between one and eight working hours. Please note that the response times for developer support vary. You can also read about these times in detail on our homepage.





(1) Availability

09:00 am – 5:00 pm

07:00 am – 07:00 pm 


(2) Service reaction time

8 hours

4 hours

1 hour

(3) Written support

(4) Phone support (callback)

(5) Hotline

(6) Written developer support

(7) Personal onboarding

(8) Personal account manager

(9) Community-forum

(10) Free initial installation

Updates and Patch Releases

(1) Availability is covered in two time zones (CEST - Berlin, Germany and UTC-4 - New York, USA).
(2) The response time indicates when you will receive a response from us at the latest.
(3) Creation of support requests via the ticket system in the Merchant area of your Shopware account.
(4) Creation of a phone support for technical questions in the Merchant area of your Shopware account to request a callback from the support specialist.
(5) You can reach the telephone hotline from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (CEST - Berlin, Germany and UTC-4 - New York, USA).
(6) For specific questions about the individual development in your store project, the written developer support will help you. You can create a ticket (maximum two tickets per month) via your Shopware account. The response times for these tickets are variable depending on the complexity.
(7) You will receive personal sales onboarding from your direct sales contact.
(8) You can coordinate sales inquiries directly with your personal contact from Sales.
(9) Use the knowledge of the Shopware community and ask your questions in the forum.
(10) If you run your store with a certified Shopware hosting partner, we will take care of the initial installation of your Shopware store for you.

How can I submit a bug or an improvement request?

In technical support, we cannot provide you with hotfixes for bugs or the implementation of improvements.
For this we have the so-called issue tracker. If you have found a bug or have a suggestion on how to improve Shopware, you can post it in our issue tracker. There you can directly follow the status and progress and vote for the implementation. We are always happy to receive suggestions and tips on how to optimise Shopware for you. If you have found an alleged bug, please check whether you can reproduce it at before submitting the ticket. If the behaviour does not occur there, it is not a bug, but a specific problem on your system and you should file a support ticket.

How do I create a support ticket for an extension?

The extension XY is an extension from the shopware store, which was not developed by shopware AG. Therefore, we do not know the code and the functions and cannot provide support for it. In the store, you will find a note about support on the extension's detail page:

  •  Support by provider: In this case, it is best to contact the provider of the extension directly. You can use the support platform here in the Shopware account. You can submit a support ticket for extensions via Merchant > Support > Request Support > Support for Extensions in your Shopware account.

  • No support: This extension does not receive support from the manufacturer. Of course you can still ask questions about this extension to the community in our public forum.

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