Which payment methods can I deposit?

Under Company Data > Accounting in your Shopware account you can add a default payment method. Here you can choose between the payment methods PayPal, credit card and direct debit. Mastercard and Visacard are currently supported for credit cards.

How can I remove a payment method?

Within the billing in your Shopware account, you can only remove a payment type as the default payment type. The payment method still remains in the account.

How do I deposit money into my customer account?

For payments in advance or to settle invoices, you have the option of paying any amount into the customer account. Since you do not pay in the money for the entire customer account, but for each shop domain, the payment is made under Merchant Area > Shops > Shop Details > Account Details.

How can I make a purchase on account?

Purchase on account is not possible with us. You can choose between the payment methods PayPal, credit card and direct debit.

Where can I find my invoices and credit notes?

You can find invoices under the tab Basic information > Accounting or under Merchant area > Shops > Open account details. There you have an overview of all invoices, credit notes and your last bookings. You can also manage your payment methods there.
Please note that invoices are always issued as a collective invoice at the end of the month.

How can I settle an open invoice?

You can settle an open invoice with one of the stored payment methods using the green button.

Where can I find individual bookings?

You can find the individual sales from the invoices under Merchant area > Shops > Shop details > Account details. There you can track each booking with date and amount.

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