Ordering with PayPal

In this article we are going to show you the characteristics of the order process in connection with the payment method PayPal.

Payment status "Failed"

Why is there an open order with the payment status "Failed" under Orders?

The payment status "Failed" in this case does not mean that there is a technical problem with the PayPal extension, but that the payment was not completed by the customer.

It is worth knowing that the payment and the order are in general completely detached from each other. This means that an order is placed as soon as the customer clicks on submit order in the Storefront. This will result in an order being created in the order overview in the admin area.

Initially, the payment status "Open" appears in the order overview, but if the customer cancels the payment process now, the payment status "Failed" will be displayed instead.

Failed order in the customer account

What happens to the failed order?

The customer has the option to change the payment method (2) using hiscustomer account or to repeat the last order (3).


If the customer selects change payment method (2) from the "..."  drop down menu (1), he or she is automatically redirected to the checkout. The customer now has the option to choose the same or a different payment method. At this point, the order will be displayed  as "In progress" in the order overview.



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