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Customer's VAT ID

In this article we will give you some information on where the customer's VAT ID is used or can be included.

Show and edit VAT ID in Admin

If you want to display or edit the VAT ID of a customer, first call up the customer details of this customer. This is possible either using the central search bar or the customer overview.

In the customer details, switch to the Addresses section (1) and activate the edit mode (2). Then you can open the context menu by clicking on the "..." button (3) and open the window with all address details by clicking on Edit.

In the address details window, you will find the VAT ID (1) relatively far down on the right-hand side. After changing the ID, click on the blue Apply button. Once the window has closed, it is also necessary to save the entire customer details, this is done by clicking on the blue Save button in the customer details.

Showing and editing the VAT ID in the customer account

The VAT ID is stored in the addresses in the customer account. The customer can see this in the overview (1) / (2). The default address data can be changed using the Change billing address (3) or Change delivery address (4) button. Alternatively, the adjustment can also be made in the Addresses area (5).

Output VAT ID on invoice

In order to output the VAT ID on the invoice, the document template must be adapted.
To do this, you can integrate the variable for the VAT ID of the invoice address into the template of the invoice.

{{ billingAddress.vatId }}

Further information on how to adapt the document template can be found in the documentation Changing the document template. However, please note the information at the beginning of the documentation article.

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