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Dynamic product groups

The dynamic product groups can be found in the admin under Catalogues > Dynamic product groups. Dynamic product groups are groups of products that are formed by dynamic rules and can be played at different locations in your shop.


To create a new dynamic product group, first enter a meaningful name and description in the settings field. Both are displayed in the overview for better orientation.



In the Filter area, you define rules through the corresponding module in order to determine which articles belong to this product group.
In this module, you first select a property (1) and a corresponding condition (2) that must be met. 
Use the AND (3) button to create a further condition that an item must meet in order to belong to this group. In addition to an AND link, you can also create a further condition as an OR link (4). In this case, one or the other condition must be met for the item to belong to the group. 
You can also nest the conditions by using the SUB-CONDITION (5) button. In this case, an item is part of the product group if it meets the main condition and the sub-condition. The sub-condition can consist of one or more conditions. In the sub condition, you have the option of creating another sub condition. This can be continued indefinitely.
Using the context menu (6) behind the condition, you can create a new condition directly before or after the respective condition. 
The Preview (7) button  shows you all products that would belong to the dynamic product group with the currently selected conditions. 



In this case, the dynamic product group consists of the selected products.

In this example, all products are part of the product group if you have set promotional items as the tag AND if they are sales items. 


In this example, two conditions must be met for an item to belong to this product group. Firstly, the article must be tagged as a promotional article
The second condition is considered to be fulfilled if the article is either a sale article or an article from a specific manufacturer

Assign dynamic product groups

Product comparison

In the product comparison, the dynamic product groups are needed to fill the feed with content. Here you can find more details about the product comparisons.

Shopping Experiences

In the shopping experiences, you can use dynamic product groups to fill product sliders. You will find the product slider element in the Commerce block category. You can find more information about the shopping  experiences here.

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