Premium items

Premium items is a marketing tool to generate more turnover by encouraging your customer to buy more products to get items for free depending on their cart amount.

The availability of premium items is not automatically checked. If items are offered as a bonus, always make sure that you have sufficient products in stock. Premium items cannot be ESD/download items.


If you want to use premium items, you should take care of the following requirements to avoid problems:

  • Premium items have to be assigned to an active category in the regarding shop
  • If your premium item is a variant item, the user can select the variant himself, no matter what the price is.
  • You have to turn on the setting "Settings > Basic settings > Storefront > Checkout > Show premium items" to display the premium items in the checkout.

Adding premium items

The module can be found in Marketing > Premium items (1):

The module opens and here you can add your premium items with a click on "add":

This opens the Premium item details page:

In the field Order number you can search for the item you want to be the premium item. Here you can search by ordernumber or item name. Next, you find the Export order number field. This optional field can be useful, for example, if you work with merchandise management systems (MMS). You are able to overwrite the original item number with a special designation such as "PREMIUM-ITEM1". The new item number will be used in your MMS. If you let it empty, the original item number will be used. Shop let you optionally restrict your premium item to a (sub-)shop, if you let it blank, the item will be available in all shops. Finally the Minimum order value field let you define the minimum cart amount, that the customer have to reach before receiving this premium item. After setting up, click Save to save and activate your premium item. You`re always able to delete your premium item if necessary.

Working with premium items

It is possible to configure multiple premium items for a variety of minimum order values and for different subshops. The customer can then choose from several premium items once the minimum order value has been reached.

If you set variant items as premium item, the customer can choose from all variants, no matter how much it costs.

Premium items in the frontend

Once it has been created in the backend, the premium item will displayed like this:

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