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This module allows you to place banners on landing pages or category pages. To do so, first open the module in the backend under Marketing/Banners. Using the menu on the left side, select the desired category in which the banner should be displayed.

Creating a new banner

  • To begin, a description of the banner (1) is required. This description also serves as alt="" attribute in the img tag.
  • Optionally you can add a hyperlink (2). Place internal links to the shop (e.g., item detail pages) or links to a external reference (e.g., a manufacturer's website).
  • The Link target: (3) will define where the Link will open
    • External links will open in a new window automatically.
    • Shopware links will open in the same window.
  • To limit the time period for which you banner will appear, click on the red calendar icons in the Active from (4) and Active until (5) fields and select a start and end date. You also have the option of defining an exact time in the fields to the right of the date fields. These times are optional.If the entries are not filled, banners are valid immediately and indefinitely. If the entries are not filled, banners are valid immediately and indefinitely.
  • Next, you need to select an image file (6) to be displayed.
  • Finally, click the Save button.

Banners can be selected and uploaded via the Media Manager. For further information see here.

This is how your new Banner will be displayed in the storefront:

Deleting a banner

To delete a banner, select the appropriate category in the menu, highlight the banner and then click the Delete button.

Editing a banner

Editing banners is done in a similar way. Again, select the appropriate category in the menu, then select the banner and click the Edit button.

Supported file formats are: gif, jpg, png and swf. In addition, graphics will not be scaled, so be sure to upload them in their correct dimensions, depending on the template.


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