Payment methods for several countries


If you have activated several countries in your shop, you can also offer different payment methods for each (invoice) country. This gives you the option of activating or blocking a payment method for one or more countries. You do not have to make this configuration for each country or each payment method individually. You can easily use the rule builder.

The prerequisite for using one or more of these rules are: Active payment types and active countries that have already been created.

Due to the EU-wide regulation on geoblocking, we recommend that you discuss your project with a legal advisor and have it checked once if you are in doubt about sales within the EU.

Step 1: Create a rule

Example 1: Payment method for UK only

You only want to offer the invoice payment method to customers whose billing address is in the United Kingdom. In this case the configuration looks like this:

  • Name: Invoice only for UK

  • Priority: 1 (if you want a prioritization when using several shipping methods, please adjust the value accordingly)

  • Type (optional): Payment type (if you want to use the rule in other areas as well, you can add other types or leave the selection blank)

  • Conditions: billing country | Is one of | "United Kingdom"

Example 2: Payment method for all countries except UK

You can also go the other way around and exclude countries from the overall selection. For example, you could choose to have invoice available to everyone except for UK billing addresses.

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