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The properties offer you the possibility to provide your products with a filterable information.
To do this, you can create various properties and assign them corresponding options, e.g. the property size with the options XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.


Under Products > Properties you will first find an overview of the already existing properties (1) with the corresponding options (2) and an (optional) description (3).


On the right side of each line you can use the "..." button (4) to open the context menu for the respective property and here you can open this property for editing or delete it.

You can open the mask for creating a new property by clicking the Add button (5).

When deleting a property, please note that the property with all options will be removed from all products to which they are assigned.

Since the editing mask is identical to the mask for creating a new property and the options, we show the individual points using the example of a new property.

Creating a new Property



In the basic information you first enter the name (1) of the property.
The name will be displayed later e.g. on the detail page of the product description or in the filters of the product listing.
Optionally you can enter a description (2).
3 different presentation modes (3) are available for the display in the frontend:

  • Text: The options are displayed as text in the filters.
  • Color: If a color is defined in the options, it is displayed in the filters.
  • Image: An image can be stored for the individual options, this is then displayed in the filters.

You can also choose from 3 sorting options (4):

  • Numerical: Letters are sorted in the order a, b, c, etc., numbers 1, 2, 3, ... 10, 11, etc.
  • Alphanumeric: letters are sorted in the order a, b, c, etc., numbers 1, 10, 11, ... 2, 20, 21, ... 3, etc.
  • Individual: You can define the order using the position field in the individual options of the individual sorting. The option with position 1 is at the top of the list.

Now you can add an option using the Add New button (5).
After clicking on the button a new input mask opens. 



First you assign a name (1) for the option, this will be displayed when using the Text presentation.
The position (2) is used in the individual sorting to determine the order. The lower the value, the higher the entry is in the list.
If Color is selected as the representation, the HEX color value stored in the Color field (3) is used. Alternatively, you can also select a color via the color palette. The color is then displayed in the filters in the product listing, for example.
If image is used as display, you can select an image in the Image field (4), this will then be displayed in the frontend accordingly.

Here you have the possibility to search (1) the already existing pictures. If the desired image is not yet available, you can add (2) it directly in this menu. The following view opens for adding media.

The Upload file button (1) opens a window in which you can select and upload local data.
Search media (2) returns to the previous view to include media already added in the administration.
Upload file from URL (3) switches to view to add a file directly via URL

In the field URL (1) you enter the URL to the desired image, via the button Upload (2) you add the image.

After you have entered all the desired data for the option, you can add it by clicking the Apply button. This option is now available for selection in the products.

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