General information

If shopware is operated in production mode, in most cases only general messages are issued, which do not necessarily allow you to identify the cause of an error.
To receive more detailed error messages, it is necessary to switch the environment to debug or developer mode.

Activate the debug or developer mode

You can change the mode in the general configuration file of Shopware.
You can find the ".env" file on the web server in the Shopware main directory.

Please note that files whose file name begins with "." are hidden by default and it may be necessary to show them via a program setting, depending on the directory call.

In the file you change the line




Then it is necessary to empty the cache.
This can be done from within console by using the command.

php bin/console cache:clear

Storage location of the Shopware log files

The log files created by Shopware are stored in the /var/log/ directory.
If production mode is activated in the .env file, only serious errors are logged in the prod.log.
If developer/debug mode is active, the log entries are written to the dev.log.
Since all messages are stored here, this mode should only be activated if targeted debugging is necessary to avoid a large increase in log file size.

Log files of extensions

In the /var/log/ directory you will find not only the Shopware log files but also the log files of your extensions, such as PayPal.
Please note, however, that not every extension automatically creates log files. If in doubt, it is best to contact the extension manufacturer directly.

Further Shopware independent log files

In addition to the log files provided by Shopware, it can be helpful/required to look into the access logs of the server or also into the PHP log files.
Since the locations of these log files can vary depending on the server configuration, contact your hoster on information where to find these.

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