Frequently asked questions about the references

How can I create a reference?

Under References, click on the Create new reference button to register a customer as a reference. To do this, you will first need to provide all the requested information such as name, Shopware edition used, industry and the customer’s premium extensions. Then, you will need to define a new reference domain. Please make sure to provide the customer shop’s domain, a title and subtitles, as well as images for the shop in the 1024*675 px format. When you have defined all the information, you will need to save the data and request the approval of the reference.

Who approves the references?

The references are checked and approved by our Marketing Department. For example, we check whether titles and subtitles are okay and whether the shop has thumbnails. We also check whether the defined customer reference is linked to you as a partner.

Where can the references be found afterwards?

After the references have been approved by our Marketing Department, they can be found in your partner profile in the partner list on our website.
If your reference is particularly well-known or appealing, it will also be displayed in our showcase on the website as needed. There will even be a link to you as the implementing agency.
In addition, your reference may be advertised in one of our newsletters. The decision on which references are advertised here is also made by our Marketing Department.

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