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Frequently asked questions about the partner profile 

What is the partner profile?

Your Shopware partner profile is your business card for your next Shopware customers. It contains all the relevant information about your company, your services and expertise. Your partner status, references and certificates are also displayed here. Please note that you should maintain your partner profile in English and German.

Where is the partner profile displayed?

The partner profile is displayed in the partner list on our website:
Customers can use the partner list to look for a suitable Shopware agency. The partner profile helps customers obtain further information about your agency.

What are certifications, and how can I obtain them?

The certifications, which are also displayed in the partner list, can be obtained through our Shopware training sessions. Our Shopware Academy offers training sessions on different subjects and for different target groups. More information on our training sessions can be found here.

What information can I find in the partner account?

Your partner account contains an overview of your account balance. The partner account is to be understood as a prepaid account that can be debited up to certain amount. At the end of each month, this amount will be deducted using your defined payment method. If your account is maxed out and you need to purchase additional plugins or training sessions during the billing month, you can balance your account by topping it up. At the end of each month, you will receive a collective invoice, which can also be found in the partner account below.
More information on accounting and invoices can be found here.

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