Manufacturer area

The manufacturer area of your Shopware account is your central system for our cooperation. 
Here you have the possibility to maintain your manufacturer profile, extensions or discount promotions for your extensions. Furthermore you can find your customer overview, use your development environment and view your commissions for your sales. 
If you should need assistance to the individual ranges, you find here in the documentation assistance. 

Frequently asked questions:



Is it possible to change my prefix?

If you haven't created an extension yet, feel free to email us at,
and we'll customize your prefix as desired. If you already offer extensions in the store,
we have to check in each case what possibilities we have for customization and ask you to
contact us by phone or email.

Is it possible to migrate the support tickets to my system?

Currently, it is not possible to migrate the support tickets to external systems.
We are currently working on a solution for the future, but no exact schedule
has been set yet.

If I cannot meet the response time for my support tickets, what further steps should I expect?

We will send you an email reminder to the default contact that tickets are open.
If these tickets are not answered after the reminder, we send another reminder
with a deadline for processing of about 3 business days. If this deadline passes
without processing, we will contact you by phone to discuss the reasons. As the
last step, if the phone call was unsuccessful, we will deactivate your apps in the
store and block the commission payment until you contact us.

How can I use my extensions in my own shop?

You can use your own apps if you are listed as the manufacturer in the imprint
of the affected store, and your apps are offered as rental versions in the store.
Please send us an email with the affected apps for the request to

How to request a preview?

In your manufacturer area in the extension itself, you can request a preview.
Please maintain your extension with the description, the translation, etc. before.
A confirmed preview is then, at the same time, the reservation of the function in
our store.

How to upload an extension successfully?

To upload your app successfully, it is most important to have a detailed look at our
Quality Guide beforehand. There you will find all the essential information you need
for the process.

How do I create a test environment for my own extensions?

To create a wildcard environment, look in your vendor area under the item Wildcard
environments and Create a wildcard environment. By selecting one of your domains,
you can create a wildcard environment for it. With the help of a subdomain, you can
create an instance. Within one environment, you can create multiple instances.

How can I apply my extension for the App of the Week or App of the Month promotion?

You are welcome to email us the app you would like to request as app of the month or
app of the week at the email Feel free to give us a reason
why your app should be promoted.

How often are the app download numbers updated in the store?

Every extension with at least one download is updated daily.