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Your Plugin Reviews

Here you can find all questions about ratings for your plugins.

Where can I find the reviews for my plugins?

All approved, rejected and unverified reviews can be found under “Reviews” in the plugin manufacturer section. Go to “Reviews” in the plugin manufacturer section and click on the “Change email address” button in the section “Email configuration for reviews” to change your email address.

Where can I find review guidelines?

Review guidelines can be found under “Reviews” in the upper area of the plugin manufacturer section.

Can I comment on a review?

Yes. Go to “Reviews” in the plugin manufacturer section where you can open the respective review by clicking on the date or on the “eye” and choose either one of the communication methods:
  • Respond publicly: Your response will be visible publicly in the store below the plugin review.
Contact the reviewer: Send the reviewer a personal message that is not publicly visible in the store.

Can I delete a review? What can I do if a review violates the review guidelines?

If a review violates the review guidelines, you can contact Shopware after you have publicly commented on it. We will take care of the issue and discuss the next steps with you.

Why should I respond to reviews?

Customers love transparency.
That is why, by commenting on the reviews, you can build trust and create a “face behind the plugin”. Also, by commenting on the reviews that contain criticism, you can show the customers that you care about their feedback.


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