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Here you can find all the questions about extension sales. 

Can I see which customers have bought, leased or tested my extension?

Yes. Go to Sales in the manufacturer area to see which extensions were purchased under a specific domain via the Community Store. You can change the email address by clicking on the Change email address button under Sales in the manufacturer area.

How often are the app download numbers updated in the store?

Every extension with at least one download is updated daily.

How can I use my extensions in my own shop?

You can use your own apps if you are listed as the manufacturer in the imprint of the affected store, and your apps are offered as rental versions in the store. Please send us an email with the affected apps for the request to

What can I do if a customer uses my extension without authorisation?

An overview of licensing discrepancies can be found under Sales > Licensing Discrepancies in your manufacturer area.
We will clarify the issue with the shop owner who will receive warnings both in the backend and by email. If the shop owner fails to take action after the third reminder, we will conduct a detailed examination and charge them for the extension to make sure that you are compensated.

The contractual relationship through the sales (e.g. purchase/lease/testing) via the Shopware Community Store exists exclusively between Shopware and the user of the extension. You as a manufacturer may not write or send reminders to the shop owners, etc. Any violations will be clarified exclusively by shopware.

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