Manufacturer profile

Your manufacturer profile

Here you find all the questions about your manufacturer profile in your account. 

What is the manufacturer profile?

The manufacturer profile allows you to present you and your services in a separate profile. It also has your reviews, certifications, number of extensions and your partner badge. This way, the customer will get a transparent overview of your services and extensions. That is why you should use your profile for presentation and marketing in the Shopware Store.

Where is the manufacturer profile displayed?

The manufacturer profile is displayed in the Shopware Store under, as well as in your extensions using the link in your manufacturer name.

What do I have to specify a prefix for?

A prefix explicitly identifies extensions as YOUR extensions because it can only be assigned once. All your extensions will start with your prefix, creating brand recognition.

Where can I see the current manufacturer contract?

Click on Display manufacturer contract under Manufacturer profile in the manufacturer area to see your current contract.


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