User Management

What is user administration?

User Administration is now available to you in the Basic information area of your Shopware account.
In the new user administration area, you can now define various Shopware account users within a single company. The administrator of the Shopware account has the ability to invite additional users. Various so-called roles with corresponding access rights can be assigned to these users. In this way, different employees within a company only have access to those areas that are relevant to them. For example, a user can only view and use specific areas of the account.

How do I become an administrator?

You become an administrator by inviting yourself as the first user and assigning yourself the administrator role. You will then receive a confirmation email that allows you to register using your own individual password. Upon logging in for the first time, you will be given the option to join the company.

How to start – Invitation management

You can invite the first user under the menu item Company data > User in the Shopware account. Simply click the Invite New User button in the top right-hand corner to send an email invitation to the desired contact. In addition to the email address, you also immediately assign one or more roles to that user, such as “Full access partner area” or “Bookkeeper”. Once the invitation has been sent, the new user receives a confirmation email and can then join the company account.
In the user administration area, you will find an overview of all users as well as all open invitations.

How does the role and rights principle work?

The principle of user administration is based on the various roles and associated rights that can be assigned to users.
The access rights in the account are organised into roles. Individual roles can be assigned to different users. Under Basic information > User, you can see the Invite new user button, a list of open invitations and a list of users assigned to your company. By clicking on a user’s name, you will be able to view the user’s details. Here you can change the respective role and the associated access rights. In the Roles & permissions tab in the user administration area, you can define a new role with different rights. In the next article, we will explain exactly how you can create a new role.

How do I create a new role?

You can create a New role in the user administration area in the Roles & permissions tab using the button of the same name in the top right-hand corner. Here you define the name of the roles and the so-called Access rights. The access rights are split between the five different areas of the Shopware account. In the partner area, for example, you can now assign different rights such as “Customer Administration”, “Profile Administration” or “Submit Support Requests” to the new role. The individual rights are also clearly explained in the tool tips area of the account. Once you have assigned the desired access rights to the role, you can save the new role. It will now appear in the Roles & permissions overview in the user administration area.

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