Basic information

Why is the menu not displayed completely?

After logging in to your Shopware account for the first time, you will see that the customer account menu has a dark blue background. The menu will be displayed completely only after you have entered the minimum data under “Basic information”.

Which data do I define under “Basic information”?

Basic information contains the company and contact formation, as well as your tax information. It also includes your customer number and your Shopware ID to log in to your Shopware account.


Which payment methods can I define here?

You can add a default payment type under Account > Accounting > Add payment type. You have a choice between PayPal, credit card and direct debit. Only Mastercard and Visa are supported at the moment.

How can I deposit the money to my customer account?

You can deposit any amount to your customer account to make advance payments or to settle the invoices. Since you deposit the money for each shop domain rather than the entire customer account, you can make the deposit under Shop administration > Shops > Shop details > Account details.

How can I make a purchase on account?

Unfortunately, purchase on account is not available. We only support PayPal, credit card and direct debit as payment methods.

Where can I find my invoices and credit notes?

Invoices can be found under Account > Accounting or under Shops > Open account details. There you have an overview of all invoices, credit notes and your past bookings and can also manage your payment methods.
Please note that invoices are always issued at the end of the month as a collective invoice.

How can I settle an outstanding invoice?

You can settle an outstanding invoice using one of the defined payment methods by clicking on the green button.

Where can I find individual bookings or records?

Individual transactions from the invoices can be found under Shop administration > Shops > Shop details > Account details. There, you can see every booking along with the date and the amount.

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